How to Draw Mickey Mouse for Kids

If you want to learn how to draw this funny character, then you’ve come to the right place! Learn how to draw Mickey Mouse for kids.

How to Draw Mickey Mouse for Beginners
How to Draw Mickey Mouse Step by Step

In this easy drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw Mickey Mouse for kids. The image of Mickey Mouse is known to absolutely all kids and adults. This is a very popular character who is also one of the main symbols of the Walt Disney Company. This cartoon character has become so popular that his images are found everywhere. In addition, he is one of the oldest cartoon characters in the world.

Basically, a sketch of Mickey Mouse is full of rounded details, so drawing this cartoon character will be very easy for absolutely any artist, from preschoolers to schoolchildren. You will have a great sketch of Mickey if you follow all the steps in the tutorial carefully. We wish you good luck and enjoy your sketching process!

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw Mickey Mouse for Kids

  1. Draw the circle.

    First, draw the large circle for Mickey Mouse’s head. Try to draw circles by hand to improve your skills in sketching lines.Mickey Mouse Drawing Tutorial for Kids

  2. Draw the ears.

    Typical Mickey Mouse ears are rounded. So to do this, draw two symmetrical small circles at the top of the head.Mickey Mouse Drawing for Kids

  3. Add lines to the head.

    On Mickey’s head, draw classic lines that are located at the top of the face.How to Draw Mickey Mouse Head

  4. Body drawing.

    Draw his torso under Mickey’s head.How to Draw Mickey Mouse Simple

  5. Add eyes and nose.

    Now add vertically elongated eyes to the sketch, as well as a horizontally elongated Mickey’s nose.How to Draw Mickey Mouse Easy for Kids

  6. The contours of the hands.

    Draw two small circles on the sides of the torso. And also on Mickey’s stomach, draw two small circles that are the buttons on his clothes.How to Draw Mickey Mouse Easy

  7. Smile and fingers.

    Now draw Mickey’s smile on his face and also sketch out the fingers following the example from the step. Mickey is always wearing gloves on his hands, and this is how the character in your sketch should look.Draw Mickey Mouse for Kids

  8. Add shoes.

    Now add Mickey’s boots to the drawing. To do this, draw two horizontal ovals under the body. And also depict his shorts.Easy Mickey Mouse Drawing

  9. Connect the body and limbs.

    Use straight lines to connect the arms and legs of Mickey Mouse to his body.How to Draw Mickey Mouse for Kids

  10. Color your artwork.

    Usually, this character is depicted in the same set of colors. Color the ears, eyes, nose, torso, legs, and arms with black. Leave the part of heads and hands often white. Mickey’s boots should be painted bright yellow, and the two fasteners on the pants should be highlighted in the same yellow color. The colors of the pants should be red.How to Draw Mickey Mouse

The cartoon is ready! We congratulate you on a cool drawing of such a funny character. We hope this was a helpful tutorial for you!

Also, don’t forget to share your artwork and this step-by-step instruction with your friends. We are always glad to see you!

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