How to Draw Kermit the Frog for Kids

Learn how to draw Kermit the Frog for kids. It will be easy if you learn all the steps in our instructions and show interest in drawing!

How to Draw Kermit the Frog for Kids
How to Draw Kermit the Frog Step by Step

Hello everyone! In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a Kermit the Frog for kids. Kermit is popular all over the world as a puppet doll. The most famous production he attended was The Muppet Show (a comedy show). In it, he was not alone, but it was he who was remembered by everyone. His image dates back to 1955. He attracts any child in the world with his cute frog appearance.

Drawing Kermit the Frog is easy. Even the most beginner can draw it. The main thing is to follow our step-by-step instructions.

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Kermit the Frog for Kids

  1. Draw the shape of the head.

    The frog’s head has the shape of a slightly flattened oval.
    Drawing Kermit the Frog

  2. Draw the eyes.

    Draw 2 small circles inside the oval above the middle.
    Draw Kermit the Frog

  3. Draw the pupils and mouth.

    Draw a bold dot in the middle of the eye, from which 2 small lines will come out. Draw the pupil of the other eye in the same way. Next, draw the mouth almost full width below the middle of the oval.
    How to Draw a Simple Kermit the Frog

  4. Draw the frill.

    To do this, draw a shape under the head, consisting of zigzag lines with sharp corners.
    How to Draw Kermit the Frog Head

  5. Draw the body.

    Next, you will need to draw the body of the frog in the form of an elongated, vertical oval.
    How to Draw an Easy Kermit the Frog

  6. Draw the arms.

    Bring hands to the body, at the ends of which there will be wavy lines, this will be an imitation of fingers.
    Kermit the Frog How to Draw

  7. Draw the legs.

    In one of the last steps, you need to draw the legs, as shown in the example instruction.
    How to Draw a Cartoon Kermit the Frog

  8. Color your drawing.

    Naturally, the frog is green, so start coloring your Kermit! Use your favorite coloring tools for this.
    How to Draw Kermit the Frog

We hope you drew this cartoon frog and are happy with your drawing! Keep practicing drawing to become a more experienced and skilled artist!

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