How to Draw Iron Man for Kids

To learn how to draw Iron Man, you don’t need much. You only need to look at the instructions that you will see below and repeat the steps!

How to Draw Iron Man for Kids
How to Draw Iron Man Step by Step

In this super easy step-by-step guide, you will learn how to draw Iron Man for kids! Iron Man is one of the most popular characters in the comics and the MCU. Unlike other characters who have superhuman superpowers, Iron Man is a billionaire genius in an armored suit with an energy reactor that sits in Tony Stark’s chest.

In this tutorial, the superhero is drawn in a very simple style that even a kindergartner or beginner can draw. Therefore, we hope that this Iron Man drawing tutorial will be a good start for you to draw various comic book characters. Enjoy drawing and practice often!

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw Iron Man for Kids

  1. Draw the head.

    Begin by drawing the shape of an Iron Man mask that looks like an egg.Iron Man Drawing Tutorial for Kids

  2. Add details.

    The Iron Man costume and mask is made up of many small metal parts, and it is one of these parts that you need to paint on the mask. And also add a circle, which is the initial stage of drawing the character’s hand.How to Draw Drawing Iron Man

  3. Additional details.

    Now draw the bottom of the plate on the character’s mask and also draw the reactor of the Iron Man weapon right in the center of the circle.Iron Man Drawing Tutorial

  4. Draw the eyes.

    Draw the eyes on the superhero mask as shown. After that draw the fingers as in the example.How to Draw Iron Man Helmet

  5. Add the torso.

    Draw the torso of the Iron Man armor suit.Step by Step Iron Man Drawing

  6. Add large details.

    Draw the second arm of the superhero in a simple style as in the example. And also you need to draw the legs of the character.Easy Iron Man Drawing

  7. Add details.

    Now draw an important part of the Iron Man suit – his glowing reactor on his chest. After that add other details as in the example from step.How to Draw Iron Man Simple

  8. Bottom details.

    Draw separately the shoes on the superhero costume, as well as other important details of the armor.How to Draw Iron Man Easy

  9. Color your artwork.

    Your amazing drawing of Iron Man is drawn, and now you just have to color your artwork. Color the character’s costume in classic red and yellow colors.
    How to Draw Iron Man

Sketch and many other characters using our drawing lessons. It’s very easy if you start now and practice more often!

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