How to Draw Ice Cream for Kids

Learn how to draw ice cream for kids step by step with this elementary drawing tutorial for schoolers and preschoolers.

How to Draw Ice Cream for Kids
How to Draw Ice Cream for Kids Step by Step

Hello everyone! Summer is a time of carefree sunny days on the beach, but sometimes the heat can be annoying and you want something cold to cool off. And what does it help so well? Of course, ice cream, which is why we have prepared a drawing tutorial on how to draw ice cream for kids.

Ice cream is a frozen dessert made from milk and fruit juice. This treat is best consumed during the hot season. Ice cream can be found in absolutely any options and sizes: chocolate, fruit, with glaze, with filling, on a stick or in a glass, and much more. Remember to wash your hands with soap and water before eating ice cream.

Let’s try to draw ice cream in a waffle cup. It’s not difficult at all. The presented instructions will help you not to get confused and draw a dessert. We have compiled a clear instruction, thanks to which the drawing process will be easy and very fast. Follow our recommendations and then it will turn out to be very effective to draw ice cream.

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to Draw Ice Cream for Kids

  1. Draw the top of the waffle cup.

    Start by drawing a small, elongated rectangle and make all the corners sharp. This will be the top of your ice cream waffle cup.
    ice cream drawing tutorial

  2. Complete the top with the bottom of the cup.

    Draw an elongated rectangle that goes down. Make the top slightly wider.
    simple drawing ice cream

  3. Draw ice cream in a cup.

    Draw the ice cream itself on top. Decorate it with wavy lines and protruding from the entire structure of the cup. Ice cream strains the shape of the cloud a little.
    sketching ice cream

  4. Add the cherry to the ice cream.

    Draw a cherry on top of the dessert. First, make out a small circle, and add a stalk to it.
    drawing ice cream for kids

  5. Draw the outlines of the waffle cup.

    Draw crossed lines all over the cup for a ribbed and more natural look.
    cartoon ice cream

  6. Color the ice cream.

    The waffle cup must be painted light yellow, as this is its usual shade. The ice cream itself can be painted in any favorite color: pink, yellowish, blue or some other. Don’t forget to paint the cherry red.
    How to Draw Easy Ice Cream

That’s it! Figure ice cream in a waffle cup is ready. We hope this tutorial was interesting and useful. Be sure to share your work with your friends and family.
Check out our other instructions for kids as well and draw other things. We wish you every success!

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