How to Draw Grapes

If you want to learn how to draw grapes, then this is the best place to learn and start drawing! Start your drawing with this step-by-step guide!

Grapes How to Draw
How to Draw Grapes Step by Step

We present you a simple tutorial on how to draw grapes step by step, following steps that are easy and understandable even for beginners and kids. Grapes are one of the most popular fruits in the world, and many things are made from grapes, these are juices, wine, sweets, and so on. Grapes are one of the most ancient fruits that people have used in their lives.

As you know, winemaking is also a very ancient craft, which originates from the Middle East. The oldest wineries are also in the Middle East, and as scientists say, the oldest winery is based in the Areni cave, which is located in Armenia. And a little further north, in the state of Georgia, ancient archaeological excavations of a developed wine-making culture were found. Also, the culture of winemaking was developed in Greece, and as many know, Greece is a very warm and favorable country for the growth of grapes. In Greece, besides these fruits, olives are also very popular. Later, winemaking moved to western and Southern Europe, where winemaking acquired a larger scale of production. For example, French wines are considered the best in the world by many wine experts. Also, excellent wine is made in Italy and Spain.

In addition to all this, grapes are very beneficial for health, because grapes improve blood circulation in the human body. In addition to drinks, grapes are dried and eaten dry, and it is quite tasty, and you can add such grapes to walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, or to cakes and other desserts.

Now let’s move on to step-by-step instructions that will help you draw grapes. We divided the drawing of grapes into many steps, which will show you in detail how you will need to depict each part of this drawing.

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw Grapes

  1. Draw baselines.

    First, you need to draw basic guidelines that visually look like some kind of emerald.Grape Drawing Tutorial

  2. Draw the lines of the branch.

    Now draw the lines of the branch that will hold the bunch of grapes.Drawing Easy Grape

  3. Leaf guiding lines.

    Continuing to draw the guiding baselines, in this step you need to draw the lines of the grapes leaves.grape fruit sketching easy

  4. The second part of the leaves.

    Following the same principle as in the previous step, draw a shape for the leaves of the grapes, but now on the left side.Grape leafs Drawing Tutorial

  5. The first grapes.

    The basic sketch lines are ready, now draw the first sketches of the round grape berries.Grape Plant Drawing Easy

  6. Sketches of grapes.

    Continue drawing circles for grape shapes, filling in the area you drew in the first step.Grape Drawing Step by Step Easy

  7. Finish drawing the shapes.

    You need to complete the drawing of each grape in detail according to the example shown in this step.Grape Drawing for beginners

  8. Erase the guidelines

    So, you filled in the entire area that you drew in the first step, now erase all the guidelines that were erased in this step in the example. Also, you need to draw the first part of the vine leaves.Easy Sketch Vine

  9. The second part of the leaves.

    Now draw the rest of the grape leaves, which are visually on the left side of the sketch. In addition, draw lines that detail the visual appearance of the leaves and make them more natural. Grapes Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

  10. Erase the baselines.

    All the main parts of the vine are drawn, now you can erase the basic guidelines, leaving the drawing you want. If something went wrong, then take your time and fix all the mistakes.Grapes Leaf Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

  11. Color the grapes.

    The linear art sketch is ready, now we need to color the grapes. In our drawing, we painted the grapes in purple, but you can paint, for example, in green, or in another color that is natural for grapes.Grape Bunch Drawing Tutorial Step by Step

  12. Shadows.

    Use a darker shade of the color you want, or just grab a pencil and add shadows to your artwork. You can see an example of how the shadows should look in this step.How to Sketch Grape Bunch

  13. Paint the wood twig.

    Now you need to paint the branch brown.Easy Grapes Drawing Tutorial

  14. Add some visual effects.

    To keep the final art from looking too boring, you can add some visual effects to it. An example of such a visual effect is shown in this step.How to Drawing Grapes Simple

  15. Color the leaves.

    Take a green marker, green pencil, or other favorite coloring materials and paint the leaves green.Grapes Drawing Tutorial for Beginners Step by Step

  16. Add details.

    Add some detail to your art that will make the drawing look more natural and realistic.How to Draw Grapes Easy

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