How to Draw Food

In this easy step-by-step guide, you will learn how to draw breakfast food. We hope this guide will help you create a great drawing!

Food Drawing for Beginners
How to Draw Food Step by Step

Breakfast is not only an important and nutritious meal but also a great opportunity for self-expression and creativity. In this step-by-step drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a breakfast food in a simplified form from scratch.

For beginner artists who want to learn how to draw breakfast, I have a few helpful tips. First of all, don’t be afraid to experiment! Drawing breakfast gives you the freedom to incorporate your culinary fantasies onto paper.

Secondly, strive to be patient in your drawing. Art takes time and practice. Don’t worry if your initial attempts are not perfect. Learning to draw is a process, and each attempt makes you better and closer to achieving your goals.

Additionally, remember to seek inspiration. Breakfasts can be a source of inspiration, with their shapes and colors inspiring you to create unique and vibrant works of art. Look at photographs of breakfasts, try to capture the distinct features of each dish and portray them in your drawings.

Thus, drawing a breakfast with eggs and bacon is a unique opportunity to merge art and culinary delights. Don’t be afraid to experiment, be patient, and find inspiration in the process.

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Breakfast Food

  1. Start with the tomatoes.

    Begin the drawing of your breakfast by sketching two uneven tomato shapes.Food Drawing Tutorial

  2. Detail the tomatoes.

    Now, draw the outline of your two tomatoes and the details of the tomato cuts.Step by Step Drawing Food

  3. Outline the eggs.

    Draw the basic shape of the eggs as shown.How to Draw Food Easy

  4. Add the yolks.

    Now, on the shape of the egg whites, draw two yolks using circular shapes.Eggs Drawing Food

  5. Add the bacon.

    Draw the first slice of bacon using curved lines.Easy to Draw Breakfast

  6. Add more bacon.

    Now, draw the second slice of bacon, following the example.Breakfast Drawing

  7. Add the lettuce.

    With two wavy lines, draw two lettuce leaves.How to Sketch Food

  8. Draw the plate.

    Now, draw an oval-shaped form of a plate below the food.Step by Step Food Drawing

  9. Color your drawing.

    Grab your coloring tools and start coloring each part of your breakfast drawing.How to Draw Food

Congratulations on completing the breakfast drawing lesson! You were able to create a visually appealing breakfast image using a few simple steps.

Your work is a great example of a creative approach to drawing breakfast. Remember that every artist has their own unique style and your art possibilities are unlimited. Keep experimenting, find inspiration in the world around you, and enjoy the process of drawing. You may also be interested in drawing pizza! Just try!

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