How to Draw Darth Vader

If you love Star Wars, then this is the best place to learn how to draw Darth Vader! Draw the popular character of this space opera with us.

How to Draw Darth Vader
How to Draw Darth Vader Step by Step

Learn how to draw Darth Vader using our step-by-step and easy beginner’s guide!

Darth Vader is a character from the iconic Star Wars movie saga. He is one of the main villains in the history of films. Darth Vader was born on the planet Tatooine and was trained by the Jedi Order. However, after his wife died, he turned to the dark side of the Force and began serving Emperor Palpatine.

Darth Vader first appeared in Star Wars: Episode IV—A New Hope in 1977. In the future, he became one of the most recognizable characters of the entire saga.

The ideas pursued by Darth Vader in the history of the films are related to his desire to destroy the Jedi Order and establish the dictatorship of the Empire. In addition, he wanted to avenge his wife, who died.

In general, Darth Vader is a symbol of evil and tyranny in cinema, but his image also has many fans around the world. Draw this popular character using our 11-step drawing tutorial!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw Darth Vader

  1. Prepare the base.

    Begin by drawing the frame of Darth Vader’s helmet. This piece looks like an arch with one vertical detail in the center.How to Draw Darth Vader's Helmet

  2. Add details of the mask and helmet.

    Form the top of the helmet using two curved lines from each side. Then draw the outline of the air intake of Darth Vader’s mask.How to Draw Darth Vader Face

  3. Draw the mask of Darth Vader.

    Draw the details of Darth Vader’s mask by adding the eye shapes, and then draw the mask’s main air intake.How to Draw Darth Vader Mask

  4. Draw the Sith robe.

    Form Darth Vader’s robe by extending two mirror lines from the bottom of the two sides of the helmet. Then draw the bottom part using the curved line and also add the details of the top part of the robe.Darth Vader Drawing for Beginners

  5. Draw the suit panel.

    Draw the collar with a curved line, then add a square panel to the center of Darth Vader’s chest.Darth Vader Easy Drawing

  6. Draw the arm.

    This step shows how to draw the right arm of the character, as well as the upper part of the armor.Step by Step Darth Vader Drawing

  7. Add torso and details.

    Draw the character’s simple oval torso, then draw the bracelet and lightsaber handle.Drawing Darth Vader

  8. Draw the belt and lightsaber.

    Using straight lines to draw Darth Vader’s long lightsaber. Then draw the character’s belt, as in the example.How to Draw Darth Vader Lightsaber

  9. Add Darth Vader’s legs.

    Using the example from the step, draw your character’s legs. Don’t forget to erase the extra lines left over from drawing the lightsaber.How to Draw an Easy Darth Vader

  10. Draw the second arm and shoes.

    Draw the lines of the shoes, then draw the second hand of the Sith.How to Draw Darth Vader Easy

  11. Color the drawing.

    Colorize Darth Vader’s suit and helmet using shades of gray and black. Color the lightsaber red.Darth Vader Drawing

Congratulations on finishing drawing this popular Star Wars character! We hope you had a great time drawing Darth Vader. Share with your friends this drawing guide and your drawing. We will be waiting for you in other guides, for example, in the drawing tutorial of Baby Yoda!

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