How to Draw Cyberpunk 2077 logo

In this drawing instruction, we will tell you how to draw Cyberpunk 2077 logo. This is a very easy step-by-step tutorial for everyone.

how to draw cyberpunk 2077 logo
how to draw cyberpunk step by step

Cyber hello! The game Cyberpunk 2077 is very popular and relevant, and people cannot find on the Internet how to draw the Cyberpunk 2077 logo! We solved this problem and created a step-by-step tutorial that will help fans of this sensational game draw this game logo. Well, or caligraphy the inscription, which will sound more correct.

The universe of cyberpunk style is gaining especially powerful popularity in our time because the combination of styles simply amazes the minds of people. The general fall of human culture combined with the super technologies of the future! Wow! It looks incredible, very stylish, and tasteful. Let’s try to draw the Cyberpunk 2077 logo according to our tutorial! You’re Breathtaking! Let’s start!

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Cyberpunk 2077 logo

  1. Draw a line structure.

    The first step is to draw four horizontal lines, along which it will be easier to draw 3D letters.line art

  2. Draw the letter C.

    The first letter will of course be C. Repeat the drawing along the lines as shown in the example. If you find it easier, then use a ruler, but we advise you to get used to drawing straight lines by hand.logo cyberpunk drawing

  3. Depict the second letter.

    Now draw the second letter. Please note that the letter should be exactly on the lines of the structure.drawing tutorial japanese punk

  4. Next letter.

    Letter B. Its left side should be parallel to the letter Y. cyber universe drawing

  5. Draw the letter E.

    Now draw the letter E, the upper part of which goes exactly along the very top line. They must be on the same level.depict letter e

  6. Illustrate the letter R.

    Draw the letter R following the same principle. Is it easier now? Let’s continue!how to draw cyberpunk style

  7. Letter P.

    Let’s move on to the second word in this Cyberpunk phrase. draw the letter P

  8. Draw the U.

    Draw the second letter in the second word.cyber punk drawing

  9. Letter N.

    Moving on to drawing the letter N. You are close to the finish line!cyber punk draw

  10. Draw the letter K.

    The last letter in the word Cyberpunk! Repeat the example in step ten.cyberpunk logo draw

  11. Draw the 2077.

    Take a light blue color and write 2077 under the word Cyberpunk. To do this, you drew the lines in the very first step of this tutorial.2077 drawing

  12. Color Cyberpunk yellow.

    Take a light yellow color and paint the inside of the letter from the word Cyberpunk.cyberpunk 2077 easy drawing

  13. Erase the excess.

    Now you need to erase all the extra lines for the final design of the game logo.cyberpunk logo vector

  14. Draw the background of the Cyberpunk.

    As you know, Cyberpunk letters have a light blue reflection. You need to depict this reflection following the example of the picture from this step. Done! You’re Breathtaking!draw cyberpunk 2077

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