How to Draw Curly Hair

Looking for a great reference idea for drawing curly hair? This is the best place where you can learn how to easily draw cartoon-like curly hair step by step.

Curly Hair Easy Drawing Tutorial
How to Draw Curly Hair Step by Step

We are thrilled to have you in this step-by-step drawing lesson. Here, you will learn how to draw cartoon curly hair. Even beginners will be able to portray such a drawing!

The main idea of this lesson is to show that drawing curly hair in a cartoon style is very easy and accessible, even for beginners. We will break down the process into several steps and use basic shapes and lines to create the effect of curls and volume.

Remember that the most important thing is to enjoy the process and not expect perfection right from the start. Learning and improving in the art of drawing is a journey, and with each step, you will get closer to your unique style and mastery.

Are you ready to create cartoons with curly hair? Then let’s start this exciting lesson!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw Curly Hair Step by Step

  1. Draw the half.

    To start drawing curly hair, you need to mark the middle of the paper at the top and start outlining the left side of the curly hair from this center point using wavy shapes.How to Draw Curly Hair Easy

  2. Draw the second half.

    Now, you need to mirror the second part of the curly hair at the top base portion.Simple Hair Drawing

  3. Texture the hair.

    Add volume to your drawing by incorporating inner curls, as shown in the example.Cartoon Curly Hair Drawing Tutorial

  4. Add the details.

    Finish shaping the curls by adding two more wavy lines on the right side of the hairstyle.Curly Hair Drawing Tutorial

  5. Add the hairline.

    Outline the frontal part of the hair using smooth wavy lines, as demonstrated in the example.How to Draw an Easy Curly Hair

  6. Complete the hair drawing.

    Now, all you have left to do is to outline your sketch with a marker, then grab your favorite coloring tools and add color to your wonderful final hair drawing.How to Draw Curly Hair

Congratulations on completing the drawing process! You have successfully mastered the art of drawing cartoon curly hair. We hope that this lesson has been helpful and inspiring for you. Now that you know the basic steps and techniques, you can continue practicing and improving your skills.

We hope that this engaging lesson has helped you gain confidence and inspiration in drawing curly hair in a cartoon style. Thank you for being with us, and best of luck in your creative adventures!

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