How to Draw Christmas Bells for Kids

Learn how to draw Christmas bells easily enough even for kids and those at the beginning stages of drawing. It’s easy if you practice more often!

How to Draw Christmas Bells for Kids
How to Draw Christmas Bells Step by Step

Hello everyone! In this lesson, you will learn how to draw Christmas bells for kids. Bells fill the space with cheerful, ringing tints and create an atmosphere of magic around them. On Christmas Eve, they are happy to buy them in the store and make them on their own—from cardboard and even woolen threads. Above, the musical instrument is decorated with beautiful ribbons. How to draw Christmas bells step by step? Our step-by-step instructions will help with this!

Modern holiday bells are inferior in size to their predecessors—the large bells, whose ringing certainly accompanied every Christmas. In modern times, Christmas bells have become more compact. They are hung on the Christmas tree, they are used to decorate the front doors. With the arrival of winter, people are looking forward to the holiday, because Christmas awakens in human heart’s faith in miracles. Drawing Christmas bells will definitely cheer you up! It is also a great opportunity to develop skills in drawing rounded shapes, symmetrical shapes, and various curved lines.

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Christmas Bells for Kids

  1. Draw the mouth of the bells.

    The mouth of the Christmas bell is a horizontal oval. Draw two symmetrical shapes.
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  2. Draw the waist.

    Begin by drawing curved lines from the mouth of the bell that connects at the top to form a semicircle. Note that the domes of the Christmas bells are symmetrical. To make it easier to complete this step, we advise you to follow the example in the instructions.
    How to Draw Xmas Bells

  3. Draw the clapper.

    Add round clappers in the middle of the inside of the bells.
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  4. Depict the knot.

    To do this, draw a small circle on top, between the domes of the bells.
    How to Draw Bells for Christmas

  5. Draw the loops of the bow.

    Bow loops are unfinished ovals, the ends of which extend towards the knot. Please note: these shapes should be made symmetrical.
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  6. Add holes in the loops.

    To do this, draw narrow ovals that look like a seed.
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  7. Add ribbon.

    Draw rectangles with jagged edges that gradually widen to the sides.
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  8. Draw the spruce branches.

    From above, Christmas bells will be decorated not only with a luxurious bow but also with spruce branches—zigzag shapes with thorns at the top.
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  9. Color the drawing.

    Color the bells yellow-gold, color the bow red, and color the petals green.
    How to Draw Christmas Bells

We are glad that you drew these Christmas bells with us! We create simple drawing lessons for beginner artists who need great drawing ideas for school projects.

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