How to Draw Bluey

In this step-by-step drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw Bluey. Find out by scrolling below to start the drawing process.

Draw Bluey
How to Draw Bluey Step by Step

If you want to learn how to draw Bluey, this is the best guide to draw the Bluey puppy step by step. Let’s start the drawing process together! 

Bluey is the main character of the eponymous animated series created by the Ludo Studio in 2018. Bluey is a little Australian Kelpie with blue fur and a white belly, sharp nose, and a curious personality. 

Bluey has many friends, including his own family consisting of his father, Bandit, mother, Chilli Heeler, and sister, Bingo. In addition, he also befriends other puppies and animals with whom he spends his adventures. 

Bluey is interested in many different activities such as playing ball, board games, karate, and exploring new things. By pursuing these interests, he makes new friends and overcomes various difficulties that he encounters. 

Bluey experiences many exciting adventures during each episode of the animated series. He learns to be a leader, solves different tasks, understands the importance of family interaction and friendship, and emotions. 

In general, Bluey is a cartoon about a puppy and his family living their life, playing, learning, making new friends, and overcoming difficulties. It teaches children the importance of family, relationships, and developing their interests. In this drawing, Bluey is shown jumping, and this is the pose you need to draw by following our instructions. Let’s start the drawing process of Bluey!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw Bluey

  1. Outline the body.

    Begin by drawing Bluey’s body, which looks like a rectangle in shape. Make the corners smooth.Bluey Cartoon Drawings

  2. Draw the muzzle.

    Now you need to draw Bluey’s long muzzle and then add the eyebrows.Easy to Draw Bluey

  3. Add ears and nose.

    Draw elongated pointed ears on the head, then add the nose at the tip of the muzzle using a curved line.How to Draw Bluey Cartoon

  4. Add details of the face.

    Draw big eyes for Bluey, then draw the line on the face that smoothly transitions into the lower part of the muzzle forming the mouth.Bluey Drawing Easy

  5. Detail the head.

    Detail Blue’s head by adding teeth, mouth details and spots on the head.How to Draw an Easy Bluey

  6. Add the dog’s legs.

    Extending straight lines, form the Bluey’s back and front legs. Then add paws as shown in the example.Step by Step Bluey Drawing

  7. Texture the body.

    Outline the character’s belly with a semi-oval shape, then add details on the arms and spots on the back.Step by Step Bluey Drawing

  8. Add the details of the legs.

    Add lines for the toes and for the legs on Bluey’s feet.Bluey Drawing for Kids

  9. Draw the tail.

    Form Bluey’s tail by extending two lines. At the tip, form the furry shape using wavy lines.Bluey Drawing Tutorial

  10. Color the drawing.

    Outline your drawing with a marker or pen, and then add color to your drawing using shades of blue and brown.Bluey Drawing

Your drawing of Bluey is ready! Share your drawing on your Pinterest board and also share your drawing with your friends. We hope that you and your friends will draw and practice with our guides. Good luck, and we look forward to your return to our site!

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