How to Draw Ballet Pointe Shoes

In this drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw ballet pointe shoes. This is an easy step-by-step tutorial for beginners.

How to Draw Ballet Shoes Drawing
How to Draw Ballet Shoes Step by Step

Welcome to the tutorial in which you will learn how to draw ballet pointe shoe step by step. The word pointe comes from the French word for pointe, which translates to a sharp point. The whole point of this shoe is so that the dancing person can stand on his toes, even on the tips of his toes. This action gives the ballerinas an airy and swan-like appearance. The shoes were originally satin and had a rectangular toe. In modern times, pointe shoes have become popular, which are made using other technologies, mainly from various polypropylene materials. Such material for shoes is more durable, and it is also much easier for ballerinas to dance on such shoes.

In the old days, theaters had such workshops that made pointe shoes for dancers who worked in these theaters. But later, the production of pointe shoes grew and took on new dimensions, and for this, whole factories appeared that began to produce such shoes in large quantities.

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw Ballet Pointe Shoes

  1. Draw ribbons.

    First, you need to sketch the upper ribbons of pointe shoes, which are tied by the ballerinas on the leg.Pointe Shoe Drawing Tutorial Easy

  2. Details.

    Draw a continuation of the tape on the left. After that sketch out the sole of the pointe shoes, which is on the right.Dance Shoes Drawing Tutorial for Beginners

  3. Draw the shape.

    Draw the basic shapes of the ballet pointe shoes shown in blue in this example.Drawing Tutorial Ballet Shoes Pointe Easy

  4. The following lines.

    Draw the additional pointe tape that is on the right. After that, draw a line that separates the inside of the shoe and the outside.Shoes for Ballet Drawing Tutorial

  5. Latest ribbons.

    We are coming to the end of drawing the details of the pointe shoes, and in this step, you need to draw the last parts of the shoe ribbons.Dance Shoes How to Draw

  6. Draw lines.

    Draw the final details that will visually add a natural and more realistic look to the pointe shoes.Ballet Shoes Draw Easy

  7. Color the ballet shoes.

    The sketch is complete, and now you need to color the resulting work. Use your favorite coloring supplies for this. It is not necessary to dye your shoes black, you can take any other shoe image as an example.How to Draw Ballet Shoes Easy

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