How to Draw an Owl for Kids

In this step-by-step and easy drawing tutorial for kids, you will learn how to draw an owl. You only need six easy steps to create a great looking cartoon owl drawing!

How to Draw an Owl for Kids
How to Draw an Owl for Kids Step by Step

Hello everyone! In this lesson, we will try to teach you how to draw an owl for kids. The owl is a very beautiful and unusual bird. She has an interesting body shape, catchy ears and large eyes. The bird differs in size from many of its other relatives. The color of the owl is usually a beautiful variegated color, and there are also whiter and grayer plumage colors.

It is very easy to draw an owl. Try to fully follow the instructions below, and then you will definitely be able to draw a drawing of a bird that is unusually beautiful.

A step-by-step plan for drawing an owl is formed and described very clearly and easily. It is possible to paint such a new picture in a short period of time and is very effective.

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw an Owl for Kids

  1. Draw the outline of the owl.

    Draw the oval— the body shape. This oval should be oblong.
    Sketching an Owl for Kids

  2. Draw two eyes.

    Draw two large circular owl eyes as shown in the example.Owl Drawing Tutorial

  3. Add pupils and beak to the bird.

    Draw two small circles inside the large eyes, that is, the pupils. Draw the small beak in the form of a triangle just under the eyes.
    Easy Owl Drawing

  4. Add the ears and feathers to the image.

    Above the big eyes, draw two sharp ears on the owl’s head. Also add some sharp unfinished triangles on the bird’s belly.
    Drawing Owl Easy

  5. Draw wings and legs for the body.

    Draw two sharp wings on both sides. At the bottom, do not forget to depict two small legs.
    Cartoon Owl Drawing

  6. Color the owl.

    We decided to shade the owl orange and make the ears and wings gray. It is possible to choose other colors for coloring the owl, since such a bird can have completely different colors.
    Draw an Owl for Kids

The owl drawing is ready! Finally, it turned out to finish this drawing and now there is a new beautiful picture with such an unusual bird. Congratulations!

Be sure to keep learning drawing and improving your skills. That is why, learn to draw new shapes using our instructions. If you like this tutorial, post your results on social networks and watch other drawing lessons. We wish you every success!

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