How to Draw an Easy Betta Fish

Learn how to draw an easy betta fish for beginners, start a sketch with this tutorial. More step-by-step drawing tutorials on the website!

How to Draw a Betta Fish Easy
How to Draw a Betta Fish Step by Step

Good day to all! In this guide, we will look at how to draw an easy betta fish. Among hobbyists, betta fish is also referred to as the Siamese fighter fish. The representative of this species stands out for its wayward and somewhat harsh character. Despite this, the fish attract the viewer with incredibly beautiful colors and an amazing appearance. Our simple instruction will show you how to create a realistic and beautiful drawing of this fish on your paper.

Betta fish has a specific habitat: as a rule, these are stagnant or leisurely flowing bodies of water in Southeast Asia. In its size, the male reaches a mark of 5 cm, and the female – approximately 4 cm. A distinctive feature of this species of fish is that it is able to breathe atmospheric air, using an organ called the “labyrinth”. Drawing a betta fish will not let you get bored, and a colorful picture will delight the eye for a long time. Let’s get started!

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw an Easy Betta Fish

  1. Body shape.

    Begin by drawing big basic shapes! If you take a closer look at an example, the basic appearance of the animal’s body resembles a kind of almond shape. Imagine and depict this shape horizontally using smooth, curved lines. One end should be made more elongated, and the other rounded, as in the example.betta fish drawing easy

  2. Add details.

    Draw the pectoral fin. To make it easier to go through this stage, imagine a leaf of a plant lying on the ground, and it is a similar shape that needs to be drawn for the fin. Place the fin in the middle of the fish’s body. Don’t forget to add an eye: draw it with a small circle at the base of the head.How to Draw an Easy Betta Fish

  3. Draw the caudal fin.

    The lush caudal fin characteristic of a fighting fish should be depicted as follows: draw two curved lines from the rounded part of the body in different directions. Then connect them to each other with a waving zigzag line. Also, draw a gill line between the eye and the pectoral fin.How to Draw a Betta Fish for Kids

  4. Add rest fins.

    These parts are rather large in this type of fish. From the head and tail, point up a couple of lines, one of which will be curved and the other with numerous pointed details. Connect these lines. The pelvic fin is drawn in a similar way, but there are two curved lines, and they are connected by a zigzag line.betta fish drawing

  5. Draw the antennas.

    Also, don’t forget to add the filaments hanging from the fish’s mouth.How to Draw a Realistic Betta FIsh

  6. Color the betta fish.

    As we said earlier, this species has a variety of scale colors. We used a bright red for the body and scarlet for the rest of the limbs. You can give the fish other colors that you like best. A marvelous artwork is ready!How to Draw a Betta Fish

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