How to Draw an Audi TT Cabrio

In this drawing guide, you will learn how to draw an Audi TT Cabrio! The lesson is suitable for beginners and even kids!

how to draw audi tt cabrio
how to draw an audi tt cabrio

Let’s try to draw and learn how to draw an Audi TT Cabrio in this step-by-step drawing tutorial for beginners, kids, and everyone who loves to draw! We divided the whole drawing into eight steps, which are very understandable and simple. Each new step will be shown in blue, so it will be difficult for you to make mistakes.

Audi TT is a compact sports coupe that is in demand by many people. In this manual, we took a model called the Audi TT Roadster.

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw an Audi TT Cabrio

  1. Draw a basic shape.

    Start by drawing the basic look of the car, draw the general image of the body. Also, draw the rest of the small details shown in the step.cabrio car drawing tutorial

  2. Draw the wheels.

    Now draw circular wheel shapes that are symmetrical to each other.easy cabrio tutorial

  3. Details of the car.

    Draw the doors first and then the body lines. After that draw the shapes of the headlights on your sketch.cabrio car instruction

  4. Draw the front.

    Draw the shape of the radiator as shown in the example, and then draw the details of the to sketch audi tt

  5. Draw the following details.

    Draw the license plate, the lines in the headlights of your Audi TT and the rest of the details shown in blue in this step.german car sketch tutorial

  6. Radiator grill and hood.

    Draw lines in the radiator detailing the radiator grill. After that draw the lines of the hood on your sketch.easy car art for kids

  7. Draw Audi TT rims.

    Now you need to draw the details of the side of the car, try to repeat all the lines as in the example. Then draw the discs in your wheels rims drawing tutorial

  8. Add shadows.

    Now is the final step of your drawing – you need to add shadows and hatches to your sketch. But if you want a colored drawing, then color it with colored pencils, felt-tip pens, or any other coloring tt roadster drawing tutorial

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