How to Draw an Audi Q7

If you want to draw a luxury SUV, then here you will learn how to draw an Audi Q7 in a step-by-step and easy drawing lesson.

how to draw an audi q7
how to draw an audi q7 step by step

Super cool car in our guide! Let’s try to learn how to draw an Audi Q7 using this simple step-by-step instruction. You’ve probably seen a lot of instructions that are very complex and incomprehensible. We also saw such guides, and therefore we tried to create such easy guides that will teach you how to draw realistic cars and not just elementary sketches.

This crossover model is large and full-size, and is the flagship of Audi’s SUV lineup. Volkswagen Touareg and Porsche Cayenne are made on the same base, did you know this interesting fact? Audi and Porsche belong to the Volkswagen auto concern, so many cars of these companies are made on the same body base.

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw an Audi Q7

  1. Depict basic shape of Audi Q7.

    Let’s start with the standard first step – drawing the shape of the car. Try to depict proportions and shape exactly as in the example. This is necessary so that the rest of the details are symmetrical.basic car drawing

  2. Draw the parts of the Audi Q7.

    Now on the shape of the body paint round lines of wheels, car windows, and the shape of the q7 car sketch tutorial

  3. Draw the car doors.

    Repeating the blue lines draw the doors of your Audi Q7.Don’t forget the rear-view to sketch audi q7 tutorial

  4. Radiator and rims circles.

    So now draw the round pieces inside the rendered wheels of your sketch. After that sketch out the shape of the car’s q7 wheels drawing

  5. Car’s handles.

    Draw handles on the doors of your sketch, and then draw the license plate.suv car drawing tutorial

  6. Headlights and small details.

    Repeat all blue lines shown in this example. Start with the hood and finish with the headlights.suv car drawing easy

  7. Erase the excess and fix it.

    Check all the lines in your drawing to see if everything is correct. If so, you can proceed to the final q7 coloring pages drawing

  8. Color or add shadows.

    You have come to the final step of sketching Audi Q7, take your favorite coloring tools, and color your drawing in any color. If you want, add some finishing hatch to the sketch and add to draw audi q7

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