How to Draw an Assassin

In this drawing lesson you will learn how to draw an Assassin quickly and easy with the help of step by step instructions. This drawing is suitable for beginners, kids and all those who love to draw for fun!


We welcome you at lesson on how to draw an assassin! We will try to explain and show you an step by step example of drawing an assassin in a secretive dark suit. As you already understood, the lesson is very easy and understandable for beginners and kids. Since childhood, we are all fond of games related to ninja and other similar characters. In cartoons, we also meet various characters associated with secretive methods of dealing with their enemies.

The most popular series of Assassin ninjas is the Assassin Creed game, which many people liked and fell in love with millions of gamers. The example of our drawing is a more general image of an assassin, because assassins look not only like in the series of games about Assassins and their creed. Our drawing of an assassin is executed in a blue suit, in a hood and with two daggers. We also drew a more fantasy image of an assassin with pupilless eyes like the Batman mask.

Art tools for this tutorial:

  • Pencil and marker;
  • colored pencils or felt tip;

If you are not drawing on paper, you can use your own devices. For example, a drawing tablet.

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw an Assassin

  1. Draw the construct of the hood.

    Using smooth lines, draw a triangle like the one shown in the first step.drawing ninjatsu

  2. Draw the top of the robe.

    Now draw the pieces of clothing on the shoulders of the assassin. On the costume of our assassin, these parts of his clothing are the protection of his shoulders from sword blows.sketch-ninja

  3. Draw the left arm.

    Let’s start drawing body parts. In this step, you need to draw the left hand of the assassin, and after the hand, draw a bandage on which his bag will hang.Assassin-drawing-lessons

  4. Draw the torso.

    Now start drawing the torso and some details. The torso is drawn very easily with simple straight's-Creed

  5. Draw the shoes.

    Calculate the distance and draw the assassin’s shoes. The distance from the torso to the shoes should be slightly longer than the character’s torso. Also draw a handle for the dagger that will be in the right hand.assassin's-creed-drawing-for-beginners

  6. Draw the assassin’s daggers.

    Begin this step by drawing the left leg that will connect to the character’s shoes. To the sketched shoes, you need to finish the second pair of his boots. After that draw both assassin’s daggers in the places where you have already drawn the handles.assassin's-creed-how-to-draw

  7. Draw the second leg and arm.

    In this step, you need to draw the oval of the assassin’s face, which is in the middle of his hood mask. After that draw the second leg, and after that draw the second arm connecting the body and the

  8. Draw the eyes and a cloak.

    Inside the open part of the mask, you need to draw the eyes of the assassin. If the eyes have already been drawn, then proceed to drawing the lines of the cloak that hangs from the back of the warrior.assassin-step-by-step-draw-easy

  9. Color the assassin.

    Using colored pencils or colored markers, paint the assassin blue. But if you don’t like blue, you can use pencils in other colors, such as black or

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