How to Draw an Ambulance Car

Our team will show you how to draw an ambulance car in a step by step and easy drawing tutorial. The lesson is very simple even for beginners and kids.


Hello friends! We will show you a simple guide on how to draw an ambulance car in this ten-step instruction. Medical care is one of the regular city services that are available in every city. This is the first aid that helps people depending on the health problem of the citizen.

All countries have their own phone numbers through which they contact the medical assistance service. In the United States, for example, this is the popular 911 number that people call in any emergency that involves calling the police, ambulance (Emergency medical services), or fire department.

Do not forget to respect the staff of the medical service, which is ready to help all people day and night. This is especially important in the modern world, when medical workers have much more jobs than before. Thank you, medical professionals!

And we wish health to all people! Go in for sports, eat right and look after your health! Now you can start drawing the vehicle. Enjoy your drawing!

Art supplies for depicting and coloring:

  • Pencil;
  • Black marker;
  • Colored marker, crayon, or felt-tip pens;
  • Drawing paper (or devices).

Great mood and a desire to draw!

Time needed: 40 minutes

How to Draw an Ambulance Car

  1. Draw the structure.

    So, first, you need to draw a medical car trailer. It is a rectangle with a wheel arch. Draw as in the example from the step.Emergency-car-drawing

  2. Draw the roof of the car.

    An easy step in drawing an ambulance. Draw a roof that is separate from the wagon.emergency-drawing

  3. Draw the cab of the ambulance.

    Draw the front cabin of the ambulance, in which the driver and medical personnel

  4. Draw the ambulance window.

    So, now we need to depict the window and the rest of the car parts. Door handle, headlight, rearview mirror, and so on.draw-medical-car

  5. Draw a flashing light.

    Draw a flashing light on the roof of an ambulance. It is an oval that is in a horizontal position.medical-car-drawing

  6. Draw ambulance wheels.

    In this step, we move on to drawing the circles that are the ambulance wheels. We did not begin to make complex disks and wheels of the car, because it would be more difficult and longer. Draw the largest circle first, then the smaller circle, and in the last step draw the smallest circle in the car wheel.medical-ambulance-drawing

  7. Draw the car door.

    All ambulances have multiple doors in the rear of the vehicle, which makes it easier to use the rear compartment of the vehicle. Draw all the doors following the example from the step.ambulance-medical-car-draw

  8. Complete your pencil art.

    We finish sketching the ambulance with a pencil. Compare the resulting art with the example from our drawing, correct mistakes, and erase unnecessary pencil strokes.ambulance-car-line-art-drawing

  9. Trace the sketch.

    Trace the sketch with ink and fountain pen or black marker. This will make your drawing more ready for coloring, and the lines of the drawing will be clearer and more beautiful.ambulance-car-coloring-pages-drawing

  10. Color the ambulance car drawing.

    Now we move on to the last step in drawing the emergency. Use felt-tip pens, paints, or colored pencils and color the entire car in the classic ambulance colors. Also, you can depict ambulance symbols on the car, which are depicted on these cars in your

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