How to Draw Among Us Character

In this guide, you will learn how to draw Among Us character step by step and easily.

Among Us Character Drawing Tutorial
How to Draw Among Us Step by Step

Good day! Today, our new step by step lesson is about how to draw Among Us character. Among Us is a computer game in which several users can take part at once, and their number can vary from about four to fifteen people. This game has its own characters: crew members and so-called traitors who try not to give out their true nature. The purpose of the crew members is to complete the tasks assigned to them, as well as to quickly identify rivals.

Why has this game become so popular? The secret of its success lies in simplicity, lightness, and fascination. This game was enjoyed by both kids and adults. Drawing the Among Us character, namely the red crew member, is a simple and interesting activity, during which you will practice creating various lines and details. Let’s get started!

Time needed: 10 minutes

How to Draw Among Us Character

  1. Outlining the body.

    This hero is characterized by an unusual body shape and rather short legs. First, you can sketch the upper body, then add both legs under the character’s torso.How to Draw Among Us Characters

  2. Draw the visor.

    Now draw the shape of the visor, which is located on the astronaut’s face.Easy Among Us Drawing

  3. Details the visor.

    On the character’s visor, draw a curved line to represent the reflection of the light.How to Draw Among Us Easy

  4. Add the tank backpack.

    Draw a tank on the back of the character, which any astronauts have on their backs. This is a standard life support system with oxygen.How to Draw an Easy Among Us

  5. Shadow lines.

    Add lines that separate the incident light from the shadows on the character’s body.How to Draw an Among Us

  6. Color the character.

    We have shaded our drawing in red, and you can color your drawing in blue, yellow, green or any other color.
    How to Draw Among Us

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