How to Draw a Wolf

Would you like to draw a howling wolf? You are in the step by step drawing lesson of how to draw a wolf, and hope this is what you were looking for!

How to Draw a Howling Wolf
How to Draw a Wolf Step by Step

Hi all! Today, our cute step by step lesson is about how to draw a wolf. The wolf is a mammal belonging to the canine family. Along with other species, it makes up the genus of wolves.

This predatory beast has a fairly large size, it is strong and hardy. If you look more closely, you can see that his features are very similar to those of dogs. And this is no coincidence, because the ancestors of dogs are four subspecies of wolves.

The wolf is known to be an excellent swimmer. Wolves have small membranes that are located between the fingers and with the help of this, it becomes possible for the animal to move long distances through the water. Drawing a wolf is a simple and useful activity. Let’s start drawing a howling wolf step by step!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Wolf

  1. Shape the head.

    Start drawing the wolf from its head. First you need to depict the basic shape of the head using straight lines, top and sides, and at the bottom draw the zigzag fur of the wolf.Step by Step Wolf Drawing

  2. Torso and muzzle.

    The second step is to draw the wolf’s torso as shown, and this step also shows how to draw the wolf’s howling muzzle.Wolf Howling Draw

  3. Body parts.

    Draw the front and back legs of the wolf, which visually in the drawing will be located closer to us. In addition to the legs, draw the pointed wolf ear as shown.Howling Wolf Drawing

  4. Add legs and tail.

    Draw a furry long wolf tail, and also add the second part of the wolf’s legs, which are located on the other side of the animal’s body.Wolf Sketch

  5. Detail the head.

    In this step, let’s move on to facial detail, and begin the step by drawing the inner part of the ear, then draw the wolf’s nose and the closed eye.Wolf Sketching

  6. Texture the fur.

    Our wolf’s fur is divided into two color parts. This detail you need to convey in the artwork following the example from this step.Wolf Drawing Guide

  7. Lower part.

    In the same way as from the previous step, texture the fur of the wolf in the lower part of the body.Wolf Drawing Lesson

  8. Stand under the wolf.

    The drawing of the wolf is completed, and it remains only to draw the edge of the hill on which the wolf stands and howls. Start by drawing the top of the rocky edge of the hill, which should be drawn in the shape of an oval, as shown.Wolf Drawing Tutorial

  9. Completion of sketching.

    Sketch the bottom of the stone edge of the hill as shown.Wolf Drawing

  10. Color the artwork.

    How to Draw a Wolf

You have drawn a great predator, but you still have a lot of practice if you are new to drawing. We invite you to draw a frog or other animals!

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