How to Draw a Wizard for Kids

So, you’re here to learn how to draw? Then we will show you how to draw a wizard very easy even for kids and beginners!

how to draw a wizard for kids
how to draw a wizard step by step

In this step-by-step instruction, you will learn how to draw a wizard for kids. Wizards are characters who possess magic and knowledge that help these characters do something that is impossible for ordinary people. Magic is a supernatural force that works along with the laws of physics and nature, but magic can contravene many laws of nature and physics, creating something that people cannot imagine. We hope this simple instruction will help you sketch a cartoon wizard. Enjoy drawing!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Wizard for Kids

  1. Draw the triangle shape.

    Start drawing with the shape of the artwork, and you need to start by sketching a triangle like in the to sketch a wizard

  2. Divide the drawing.

    Use two lines to divide the triangle into the wizard’s hat and robe. After that, draw two circular ears as in to draw a wizard hat

  3. Parts of the face.

    Now you need to sketch parts of the wizard’s face. Start by drawing the eyes and pupils, and then draw a pointed nose and a to draw an easy wizard

  4. Add the beard.

    Under the wizard’s face, add his beard in the same way as in the example from to draw a wizard beard

  5. Details of the wizard’s mantle.

    Detail the wizard’s clothing by adding small stars to the entire surface of the wizard’s hat and to draw a wizard step by step easy

  6. Add the hands.

    On the sides of the wizard, add the hands, which are drawn in a simple style.draw a wizard

  7. Add the magical wand.

    Using a straight line, draw the wizard’s magical wand. Add a star to the tip of the to draw a wizard easy for kids

  8. Add details.

    Connect the hands and torso using straight lines. After that, draw the wizard’s shoes, which are slightly visible from under the to draw a wizard easy

  9. Color the drawing.

    Color the artwork using your favorite coloring tools. If you were sketching with a pencil, then we recommend that you trace the outline of the sketch with an ink pen or to draw a wizard

Wonderful! Your cartoon wizard drawing is ready. This is a great drawing that you can share with your friends. Have you ever drawn an elf? No? Then move on to the next drawing!

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