How to Draw a Waterfall for Kids

Draw a waterfall easily, because in our drawing lesson for kids, everything is very clear and easy. Learn how to draw a waterfall in the instructions below!

How to Draw a Waterfall for Kids
How to Draw a Waterfall Step by Step

Hello everyone and welcome to the drawing lesson on how to draw a waterfall for kids. In this lesson, we will take a journey to a magnificent and mesmerizing creation of nature—a huge waterfall! The stream of a stormy river rushes down from a great height and, falling, turns into a whole cloud of splashes shining in the sun! And this process lasts endlessly, as if someone turned on an invisible engine, and forces the water element to move forward and forward all the time. If you haven’t been to Angela and the famous Niagara yet, it’s time to paint the waterfall of your dreams.

It is difficult to remain indifferent at the sight of the waterfall, its beauty and power are impressive and mesmerizing. Therefore, we propose to draw it so that it is always in front of your eyes. Drawing or looking at the flowing water is so enjoyable and relaxing. Let’s start drawing a waterfall step by step!

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Waterfall for Kids

  1. Let’s start with splashing water.

    Draw an elongated oval with a wavy outline that resembles a cloud.
    Sketching Waterfall

  2. Draw falling water.

    Draw two vertical lines upward. They go from the “cloud” with a slight slope to the right. At the top, close the shape with a straight line.
    Drawing Waterfall

  3. Detail.

    Draw some strokes on the water.
    Draw a Waterfall

  4. Draw part of the rock.

    In the next step, draw a semi-oval on the left. It adjoins one side of the waterfall.
    How to Draw a Simple Waterfall

  5. Draw the second side of the rock.

    Draw the same semi-oval on the right. Please note that in the upper part, the hilly peaks are closed by smooth semicircular lines, the ends of which pass into the corners of the upper part of the waterfall.
    Waterfall How to Draw

  6. Detail the rocks.

    Draw some vertical strokes on the mountains. This is how you mark bumps and ridges on the mountains.
    How to Draw an Easy Waterfall

  7. Add the pond at the foot.

    At the bottom, draw a jagged line at the bottom. The edges of this line are closed behind the mountains in a semicircle. That is, in the waterfall image, you create a body of water that surrounds the hills.
    How to Draw a Cartoon Waterfall

  8. Color the drawing.

    Choose brown colors for mountains. And for the image of a waterfall, a stream, splashes, and lakes are suitable for different shades of blue: blue, blue, purple. If necessary, you can dream up and add additional elements to the picture. For example, paint the nearby grass and trees.
    How to Draw a Waterfall

Drawing is easy if you do it using our step-by-step guides for kids and beginners. Create your own cartoon illustrations and share with your friends!

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