How to Draw a Tomato for Kids

To draw a tomato, scroll down below and start sketching! Below is how to draw a tomato step by step for kids and even for those who hold a pencil for the first time.

How to Draw a Tomato Easy for Kids
How to Draw a Tomato Easy Step by Step

In this step-by-step sketching instruction, you will learn how to draw a tomato for kids. Tomatoes are red, juicy vegetables that are generally round. In botany, tomatoes are referred to as berries, but among the people, tomatoes are called vegetables. There is one interesting fact that says that tomatoes were originally yellow, and after their appearance in Europe, after a few hundred years, tomatoes turned red. At the moment, thousands of varieties of this vegetable are known around the world. In addition to red tomatoes, green, yellow, and even orange tomatoes can be found in shops and markets.

Tomatoes, in addition to their pleasant taste, have many benefits, for example, tomatoes contain substances that increase immunity. Tomatoes also cleanse the stomach well, prevent thrombosis, and phytoncides prevent inflammation. We hope these were useful facts, and now you can start the process of drawing a tomato. Enjoy drawing!

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Tomato for Kids

  1. Sketch the shape.

    Begin by drawing the shape of the tomato.Start by drawing the shape of the tomato.

  2. Add the pedicel.

    Now, using two curved lines, draw the tomato pedicel. After that, connect the two lines with one straight line.Tomato Drawing Tutorial

  3. Draw the sepal.

    Now sketch a sepal, which should be made up of three pointed leaves.

  4. Color the tomato.

    Now you just have to color the tomato in the desired color, for example, classic red, or yellow, green, or orange. After all, tomatoes are not only red.How to Draw a Tomato Easy

Drawing a tomato is cool, but have you ever tried drawing animals? In our section with animal drawing lessons, you can find great ideas for drawings of cute animals. We’re waiting for you at our drawing lessons by our team!

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