How to Draw a Tank Top

Learn how to draw a tank top step by step with this elementary drawing tutorial for beginners.

How to Draw a Tank Top Easy
How to Draw a Tank Top Step by Step

In this drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a tank top. To draw people around you, you need to be able to draw a proportional body, arms, and legs, and, of course, clothes for them. If we draw trousers or shorts, then a shirt, T-shirt or tank top will do the job. Draw a tank top with our step-by-step and color.

Time needed: 25 minutes.

How to Draw a Tank Top

  1. Draw the neckline and shoulder straps.

    We draw a half oval, it will serve as a cutout for the shirt. To draw the straps, draw slightly curved lines on either side of the shirt’s neckline.Tank Top Easy Drawing for beginners

  2. Shape the tank top.

    We limit the neckline and straps from above, connect them with one line. So the top of the shirt is ready. Let’s determine what length is right for us. Let’s draw a line at an angle, on both sides, where the strap ends, or from where the arms will lookout. We connect the oblique lines at the bottom, here will be the edge of the shirt. You can first draw a straight line, then a curved line next to it. When everything works out, the straight line can be erased with an eraser.Tank Top Drawing Easy

  3. Add the trim for the shirt.

    T-shirts are sewn and so that the fabric does not stretch, a special edging is sewn on. It can be of a different color. At the bottom, at the edge of the shirt, draw a line that will be our edging. Draw the same edging, starting from the cutout for the hand on the left. We draw a line, without lifting the pencil, under the neckline for the head and to the edge of the neckline of the other hand.Tank Top Shirt Drawing Tutorial

  4. Trace the outline of the drawing.

    Now the shirt looks like a real one, all the details have been drawn. We trace the contours and all the sketch lines.How to Draw Tank Top

  5. Coloring the tank top.

    You can color the shirt in your favorite color. Do not forget to highlight the border with a different color. We have a light blue tank top with gray piping. Come up with your own color combinations.How to Draw a Tank Top

We hope that it was easy and understandable to draw the tank top with us. You can try to draw other clothes with us. This way you can create your own wardrobe in one album.

Share our step-by-step drawings on social networks and what you get. We will be very glad to see your work!

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