How to Draw a T-Rex Easy

Learn how to draw a T-Rex easy enough for kids, start a sketch with this guide. Step by step drawing a dinosaur for beginners!

How to Draw a T Rex
How to Draw a T Rex Step by Step

In this drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a T-Rex easy enough for beginners and kids! Tyrannosaurs were one of the largest land predatory dinosaurs that existed on our land in its entire history. Tyrannosaurs walked on their hind legs. In general, tyrannosaurs had four toes, three of which were pointed forward, and one toe was at the back. And this is exactly how this dinosaur is drawn in our drawing step-by-step instruction. This fourth finger of the dinosaur was always behind and did not touch the ground when walking. The forelimbs of tyrannosaurs were always very small, just like in all cartoons they were drawn. Most likely, these hands were needed to maintain the balance of the body, since such small limbs were hardly useful for hunting.

Enjoy your sketching!

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw a T-Rex Easy

  1. Head shape.

    Draw the shape of the dinosaur’s head.Tyrannosaurus Drawing

  2. Draw the mouth.

    Draw the line for the mouth of the tyrannosaurus.How to Draw Easy T Rex

  3. Draw the teeth.

    Now draw the sharp teeth of the T-Rex.How to Draw T Rex Dinosaur Easy

  4. Draw the eye.

    Draw the T-Rex’s eye and add details to the sketch of the head.Dinosaur T Rex Drawing

  5. Back line.

    Draw the curved line from the head of the tyrannosaurus.How to Draw Dinosaur T Rex

  6. Bottom of the torso.

    Draw the line for the lower torso of the tyrannosaurus.How to Draw a T Rex Easy

  7. Draw the arms.

    Draw the small front limbs of the dinosaur.T Rex Easy How to Draw

  8. Draw the legs.

    Draw the large, powerful legs of the T-Rex, as well as the toes and sharp claws.T Rex Drawing

  9. Sketch the tail.

    Continuing the lines of the torso, draw the pointed tail of the T-Rex.Trex how to draw

  10. Trace the contours.

    Trace the T-Rex outlines with a marker, fountain ink, or a fine brush and black paint.T Rex How to Draw

  11. Color the T-Rex.

    Now color your tyrannosaurus drawing in the color you want.How to Draw T Rex

Congratulations on the successful completion of the Tyrannosaurus Rex drawing lesson! You have just learned how to create a beautiful picture of one of the most famous dinosaurs of all time.

We hope that this lesson helped you develop your creativity and learn new drawing techniques and techniques. Thank you for using our tutorial and we wish you continued success in your artistic development!

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