How to Draw a Strawberry for Kids

Would you like to draw a beautiful strawberry? This is the best place to learn how to draw a strawberry, easy even for kids.

How to Draw a Strawberry for Kids
How to Draw a Strawberry Step by Step

Hello and welcome to a simple lesson on how to draw a strawberry for kids step by step. This berry has a fairly simple shape, and it will be easy for all artists to draw strawberries, regardless of skill. The main thing is to follow each of our steps with a detailed description, you will definitely get a simple drawing of a strawberry. In addition to how to draw a berry, we recommend that you familiarize yourself a little with it.

Strawberry is everyone’s favorite perennial berry of bright red color. In addition to their taste and beautiful appearance, strawberries also have many beneficial properties and contain vitamins such as, for example, A, B, C, and many others. Now let’s move on to the most interesting part and start drawing strawberries.

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Strawberry for Kids

  1. Draw the outline of the berry.

    First, you need to draw the main outline of the strawberry in the form of an oval, tapering towards the bottom.
    How to Draw a Strawberry Step 1

  2. Draw the seeds.

    Draw small seeds over the entire surface of the strawberries.
    Sketching a Strawberry

  3. Draw the sepal.

    At the top of the berry itself, draw a sepal in the form of a wavy line.
    Drawing a Strawberry

  4. Draw the stem.

    Next, you need to draw a vertical stem.
    How to Draw a Simple Strawberry

  5. Color the drawing.

    The classic strawberry color is red. Color the strawberries in this exact color. Make the seeds yellow, and the entire upper part green.
    How to Draw a Easy Strawberry

We hope you enjoyed this strawberry drawing tutorial. As you can see, strawberries are a great subject for a picture due to their juicy and bright appearance.

We hope that this lesson helped you not only create a beautiful picture, but also learn new drawing techniques and techniques. Drawing is an amazing way to show creativity and develop imagination. We hope that you will continue to practice and create beautiful images along with our drawing lessons.

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