How to Draw a Stormtrooper for Kids

Learn how to draw a Star Wars stormtrooper with our drawing tutorial. It is very easy, because the lesson is done with elementary style.

How to Draw a Stormtrooper for Kids
How to Draw a Stormtrooper Step by Step

Hello everyone! In this guide, you will learn how to draw a Stormtrooper for kids. Stormtroopers are Star Wars warriors whose image is familiar to many! The Stormtroopers are an elite galactic army that is dressed in distinctive armored suits. Their suits are extremely effective against various types of small arms and shells, and the stormtroopers themselves use blaster rifles.

This guide will help beginners and even kindergartners get started sketching Star Wars characters! We hope this step-by-step tutorial will help you in drawing a representative of the elite space imperial soldier! Enjoy the drawing process!

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Stormtrooper for Kids

  1. Draw the helmet.

    Begin by drawing the shape of the stormtrooper helmet as shown.Easy Star Wars Drawing

  2. Add eyes.

    Now you need to draw detail on the helmet that the stormtrooper is looking through. First, draw a straight top line, and then add the lower parts in the form of two triangles.Star Wars Drawing Tutorial

  3. Add details.

    Draw the details of the helmet through which the air passes into the character’s helmet.How to Draw a Stormtrooper Helmet

  4. Add the torso.

    Draw an oval shape for the body of the cartoon stormtrooper.Stormtrooper How to Draw

  5. Draw the belt.

    To do this, draw two horizontal parallel lines on the torso, inside which there will be two vertical horizontal lines in the middle, as in the example.Stormtrooper Sketch

  6. Draw the arms.

    Using curved lines, draw the arms of the stormtrooper as shown.How to Draw an Easy Stormtrooper

  7. Add the hands.

    Draw the hands of the stormtrooper in different forms. One hand should be like a simple circle because it will have a blaster, and draw the other hand with fingers.Stormtrooper Drawing Tutorial

  8. Add the rifle.

    In the hand of the stormtrooper, depict a blaster gun.How to Draw a Stormtrooper from Star Wars

  9. Draw the legs.

    Using curved lines, sketch out the basic shape of the legs, and from below draw the shapes of the character’s feet.How to Draw a Stormtrooper Full Body

  10. Draw the shoes.

    The final step in sketching the stormtrooper is to add boots on the feet. To do this, simply sketch lines that will create the shape of the boots.How to Draw a Stormtrooper Easy

  11. Color the stormtrooper.

    Before coloring, you can trace the contours of the sketch using an ink pen or marker.How to Draw a Stormtrooper

Excellent! We hope that we helped you create cool artwork of space warrior that you can share with your friends. And you can also share this simple instruction with your friends on social networks, and we advise you to sketch this soldier with friends together! Thank you for being with us, and we will be glad to see you again.

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