How to Draw a Spider Web Easy

Learn how to draw a spider web easy enough for beginners, start a sketch with this tutorial. Draw and practice with our guides!

How to Draw a Spider Web Easy
How to Draw a Spider Web Step by Step

In this easy step-by-step instruction, you will learn how to draw a spider web easy enough for kids and beginners alike. The spider web is mainly associated with abandoned houses, with the corners of the house, with Spider-Man, but have you ever tried to draw a spider web? In this seven-step guide, you will learn how to sketch a spider web, which you can draw both for Halloween and as an addition to the Spider-Man drawing.

Spiders are certainly not the most attractive creatures, and for some people, spiders are generally the number one phobia. But the spider’s web is such a unique creation of these creatures that hardly people remain indifferent to how spiders create such a unique geometrically correct web shape. Spiders use webs for various purposes, for example, they make shelters from the webs, cocoons for their eggs, create traps for hunting prey, and so on. Enjoy the drawing process!

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw a Spider Web Easy

  1. Sketch the shape.

    Begin by drawing the general shape of the spider web, an example of which you see in step.Spider Web Easy Sketch

  2. Draw the first section.

    Now start drawing the inner sections of the web.How to Draw an Easy Spider Web

  3. Add the second part.

    Now fill in the first section of the web to the end by sketching out the lines in the same way as shown in the example.Easy Spider Web Drawing

  4. Add the second section.

    Now draw a second section of the web, parts of which are smaller than the first section.Spider Web Step by Step Drawing

  5. Add the second part.

    We continue to fill on the web in the second section, adding in the same way as shown in the example.Spider Web Drawing

  6. The middle of the spider web.

    Now you need to sketch out the middle part of the spider’s web, in which the spider usually sits, waiting for prey.

  7. Completion.

    If you sketched the cobweb with a pencil, now you can trace all the pencil lines using ink or black marker.How to Draw a Spider's Web

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