How to Draw a Shirt

Learn how to draw a shirt easy enough for beginners, start a sketch with this instruction. Step by step shirt drawing.

Learn How to Draw a Shirt
How to Draw a Shirt Step by Step Simple

In this step-by-step drawing instruction, you will learn how to draw a shirt, easy enough for beginners. Shirts are popular clothing worn by millions of people around the world. Shirts are very different, and each person can choose a shirt to suit their style, but the most popular shirts are classic white long-sleeved shirts. Throughout its history, shirts have changed often, but many of the details of the shirt have remained unchanged for many years.

Throughout its existence, the shirt has undergone many changes. The shirt changed fabric, tailoring, and style. Incredibly, the history of the shirt is so ancient that it is impressive. Once upon a time, people realized that skin clothing is not the most practical and convenient option. There are archaeological scientific finds confirming that the first linen shirt appeared about five thousand years ago in Ancient Egypt. This was followed by Greek chitons and Roman tunics. These things are the ancestors of the modern shirt.

In this drawing instruction, you will be able to learn how to sketch a shirt with long sleeves and chest pockets. Get started sketching! Enjoy this process!

Time needed: 25 minutes.

How to Draw a Shirt

  1. Draw the collar.

    Begin by drawing the shirt collar as shown.Shirt Collar Drawing

  2. The front of the shirt.

    Use lines to add the left front panel of the shirt.How to Draw a Shirt for Beginners

  3. Second panel.

    Now add a second shirt front panel.Shirt Step by Step Drawing

  4. Add a sleeve.

    Draw the left sleeve in the art, and also add a horizontal line to the back of the collar.Shirt Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

  5. Add a second sleeve.

    Draw the second sleeve, which is drawn in exactly the same way as the first. Besides the sleeve, detail the collar of the shirt as shown.Shirt Sleeve Drawing

  6. Add pockets.

    Draw the chest pockets for the shirt.How to Draw a Shirt Easy Step by Step

  7. Detail the shirt.

    Now you need to detail the shirt by adding lines.How to Draw an Easy Shirt

  8. Add buttons.

    Now add buttons to the placket and pockets.How to Draw a Shirt Simple

  9. Color your artwork.

    Now you can color the shirt and all its details. Color the shirt any color you like, or just leave the shirt white.How to Draw a Shirt

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