How to Draw a Sandwich for Kids

Learn how to draw a sandwich using our easy drawing lesson for kids. This simple drawing idea will help you in creating a cartoon drawing of a sandwich.

How to Draw a Sandwich for Kids
How to Draw a Sandwich Step by Step

Hey! In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a sandwich for kids. There are thousands or even millions of different recipes for delicious and mouth-watering food in recipe books. But in this drawing tutorial, we will be drawing light food.

For food to be eaten, it must look beautiful, and this is the main task of marketers: to portray food in advertising, on the menu in a café so that it looks delicious. That is why it is important for every artist to be able to draw food beautifully and appetizingly. It sounds complicated, but in fact, you can draw delicious food according to the instructions and in just a few steps.

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Sandwich for Kids

  1. The contour of the bread.

    First, you will need to draw the outline of the bread, which is in the shape of a square, but has small rounded protrusions on top.
    Easy Drawing Sandwich

  2. Bread texture.

    Draw a few circles on the surface of the sandwich bread to give the bread a natural feel.
    Draw Sandwich

  3. Draw the sides.

    Now you need to make a piece of bread voluminous using the side outlines.
    How To Draw Sandwich Bread

  4. Draw a tomato.

    Under the bread there is a tomato that protrudes slightly along the edges. Draw it in the shape of a bulging circle and add arcs inside for a natural look.
    Sandwich How to Draw

  5. Add cheese.

    Cheese in the shape of a rectangle lies under the tomato. There are also holes on the surface of the cheese that need to be drawn in the form of jagged circles.
    How to Draw a Simple Sandwich

  6. Add the lettuce leaf.

    Under the cheese, you need to draw the outline of the lettuce leaf with wavy lines.
    How to Draw an Easy Sandwich

  7. Draw the bottom bread.

    The bottom piece of bread is visible only from the sides—two rectangles from the front and from the side.
    How to Draw a Cartoon Sandwich

  8. Color your sandwich.

    The surface of the bread is light beige, and the crust of the bread will be dark beige, tomato red, cheese yellow, lettuce green. An appetizing sandwich is ready!
    How to Draw a Sandwich

Wonderful! Your great sandwich drawing is drawn, and now you can share your work with your friends. Also try drawing something different with your friends, like a rocket.

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