How to Draw a Rose Easy

Learn how to draw a rose, easy even for beginners and kids. And also try to draw different characters, and animals according to our drawing guides.

How to Draw an Easy Rose
How to Draw a Rose Step by Step

Hi all! In this guide, we will look at how to draw a rose easy even for preschoolers. The rose is a flowering plant known to many for its incredible fragrance and beautiful bud. Roses began to exist a long time ago: according to archaeologists, the “age” of these plants is approximately 35 million years.

At the moment, there are more than 25,000 varieties of roses, varying in flower shape, flowering period and other signs of separation. What is the reason for the pleasant aroma of this plant? The fact is that on the upper side of the petals there are microscopic glands with essential oil—they are responsible for the fragrance. Drawing a rose is a fascinating activity, which will result in a wonderful picture. Let’s start!

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Rose Easy

  1. Draw the petal.

    Begin by drawing the first rose petal. You need to draw the rounded bottom part of the bud as well as the pointed top part of the petal as shown in the example.Simple Rose Drawing

  2. Add petal and sepal.

    Select two points on the already drawn petal and draw a pair of curved lines upward from them. Then connect them. After drawing the petal, you need to draw the sepal under the rosebud.Rose Simple Drawing

  3. The middle of a rosebud.

    Now add the top middle part of the rosebud, as in this step.Rose Bud Drawing

  4. Detail the rosebud.

    Now you need to detail the rosebud by adding the spiral parts. Thus, the flower bud will get the desired look.How to Sketch a Rose

  5. Add the stem.

    In this step, we move on to drawing the stem of the rose, which is very easy to draw. You need to draw two parallel straight lines from under the rosebud, which are connected at the bottom with a short horizontal line.Step by Step Rose Drawing

  6. Add details.

    Sketch the details of the stem of the rose, on which in the next steps you will draw the leaves of the rose.Rose Easy Drawing Tutorial

  7. Draw the leaves.

    Now draw the shapes of the rose leaves.Rose Drawing Tutorial

  8. Detail the leaves.

    Detail the rose leaves by adding straight lines, as shown in the example.How to Draw a Rose Easy

  9. Color your rose drawing.

    As you know, roses come in various colors, but we shaded our rose in red. Color the stem and leaves of the flower green.
    How to Draw a Rose

Also, in addition to the rose, we suggest you draw a simple flower. Practice drawing various shapes, animals, characters and so on.

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