How to Draw a Pug

Welcome to the drawing tutorial, in which you will learn how to draw a pug. This is a really easy drawing guide, even for those who are just starting their journey in this art.

How to Draw a Pug Dog
How to Draw a Pug Step by Step

In this step-by-step drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a sitting pug. This pug will be easy to draw, all because the drawing is created with easy elements and details that will be understandable and simple even for kids.

Pugs are a breed of dogs that make everyone around them happy and cheerful. Their cheerful, friendly and spontaneous nature attracts attention and makes everyone smile. These dogs literally radiate happiness and joy, and next to them, it is never boring!

One of the most recognizable traits of pugs is their cute face. The muzzle of pug dogs is short, flattened, and insanely pretty. As a rule, the muzzle of pugs has a black or chocolate color. But the main thing in the muzzle of a pug is its expressive, shiny eyes. They are big, bright, and full of energy. They allow the pug to express his emotions and feelings, and make him even more likeable to us.

Another important and recognizable feature of pugs is their varied coloring. It can be very diverse: from pure black or white and silver, golden or red. However, the most popular and classic color is apricot. This color suits pugs especially well and makes them even cuter!

If you decide to draw a pug, then do not forget to pay attention to these details and the characteristic features of his appearance. Also pay attention to its proportions: pugs have rather short legs and body, and a large head. Remember that each pug has its own individual traits, so when drawing, you can experiment and complement it with a unique personality. Let’s get started!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Pug

  1. Outline the head.

    First draw the pug’s head in the shape shown, then add the oval spots for the eyes.How to Draw a Pug Head

  2. Add the face parts.

    Following the example from the step, draw the eyes in the spotted areas that you drew in the previous step. Then draw the nose and a line above the nose.How to Draw a Pug Face

  3. Draw the muzzle.

    Start this step by drawing the muzzle of the pug. Detail the pug’s forehead by adding wrinkles using curved lines. Then draw round reflections of light in the pug’s eyes.Pug Face Drawing

  4. Add the ears.

    Draw folded ears on both sides of your pug’s head. Then add the curved line for the dog’s chin.Pug Dog Drawing

  5. Outline the body.

    Extend curved lines from under the pug’s head and outline the dog’s body.Pug Drawing for Kids

  6. Draw the legs.

    Now, on the drawn body, add the front and back legs of your pug. The hind leg of the pug should be folded, as the pug in the example is in a sitting position. Draw the front legs straight.How to Draw an Easy Pug

  7. Add the collar and hind leg.

    Now you need to draw the collar on the dog’s neck, then add the second hind leg of the pug.Pug Easy Drawing

  8. Detail the paws and draw the tail.

    Detail your dog’s paws by adding toe lines, then draw a small pug tail.Pug Drawing Tutorial

  9. Color the drawing.

    Trace the sketch with a black marker, then color your pug with crayons or colored pencils.Pug Drawing

By following our instructions, you’ve created a great looking pug drawing that you can share on your Pinterest board or with your friends on social networks!

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