How to Draw a Princess Shoe for Kids

Learn how to draw a Princess shoe for kids step by step with this easy drawing guide for beginners.

How to Draw a Princess Shoe for Kids
How to Draw a Princess Shoe Step by Step

Hello everyone! Welcome to our tutorial on how to draw a Princess shoe for kids. Shoes are a very nice kind of shoes for girls. Very often, girls like to draw beautiful princesses, dolls, and smart shoes that can complete the combination of a fluffy dress.

Shoes are different, for example, high and low heels, with a large platform and a small one, with or without decorations, and differ in the shape of the heel. We’re going to draw a classic shoe shape. Detailed instructions will allow you to quickly draw a shoe without much effort. Let’s start drawing now!

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Princess Shoe for Kids

  1. Draw the decoration.

    Let’s start drawing a shoe with a decoration. It looks like a small crown tilted slightly to the side.
    Drawing Princess Shoe

  2. Draw the inside of the shoe.

    The inside of the shoe looks like a curved, narrow oval.
    How to Draw a Simple Princess Shoe

  3. Draw the base of the shoe.

    Draw the shape of the shoe as shown in the instructions.
    How to Draw an Easy Princess Shoe

  4. Start drawing the heel.

    Draw two parallel vertical lines and connect them at the bottom with a horizontal line. The heel should be high.How to Draw a Girl Shoe

  5. Detail the heel.

    To make the heel of the shoe more realistic and stable, draw the side section on the left side as a vertical line.
    How to Draw a Cartoon Princess Shoe

  6. Color the drawing.

    We decided to shade the shoe pink, the crown yellow, and the inner one light brown. You can dream up and paint the shoe in other colors.
    How to Draw a Princess Shoe

Try your hand at drawing not only these shoes, but also drawing animals, superheroes, cars and so on! We are waiting for you on other step-by-step guides. In drawing, practice is very important, it is mandatory, because your skills will only improve with time.

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