How to Draw a Pomegranate

If you want to learn how to draw a pomegranate step by step, then use this easy instruction.

How to Draw a Pomegranate
How to Draw a Pomegranate Step by Step

Here you will learn how to draw a pomegranate, friends. A few facts about this fruit will be helpful! Pomegranate is a very healthy and tasty fruit. At the same time, pomegranate contains many useful substances that have a positive effect on the general condition of a person. For a time, this fruit was also often used in medicine, and with the help of it, people were cured of certain diseases.

Outwardly, the pomegranate looks pretty attractive. The bright burgundy color of the fruit immediately catches the eye, and the small red grains inside are not only attractive, but also very tasty. Drawing a pomegranate can be tricky, as there are many small elements. Pomegranate seeds are often used to decorate various dishes, salads, and so on.

Thanks to the instructions below, you can draw a pomegranate without difficulty. Follow all the recommendations and you will definitely be able to draw such a wonderful fruit.

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Pomegranate

  1. Draw two shapes of different sizes.

    Begin by drawing two pieces of cut pomegranate. Draw two pieces of different sizes and shapes. You can arrange this part in any way possible, but the main thing is to draw uneven wavy lines and clearly cut pieces of fruit.sketching tutorial pomegranate

  2. Draw the third part.

    The two cut pieces of the fruit are drawn, now draw the third piece, which is drawn in the same way as the first two pieces of the fruit.Easy Sketch Pomegranate Step by Step

  3. Draw a whole pomegranate.

    Draw a large ball that intersects with the other cut pieces of the pomegranate.Easy Sketching Pomegranate Fruit

  4. Draw the inside of each piece.

    This is the longest and most dreary job in the whole process of drawing a pomegranate. But what an amazing result you can get! Draw many small circles within each piece as shown in the instructions. The pomegranate seeds need to be drawn in detail to make the sketch beautiful and complete.Easy Drawing Tutorial Pomegranate

  5. Draw the top of the whole pomegranate.

    Add a crown-like crown to the whole garnet. Label each part of the top of the garnet with small triangles.Pomegranate Drawing Tutorial Easy

  6. Tracing.

    Trace with ink all the contours of the drawing, if you drew a pomegranate with a pencil.How to Draw Pomegranate for Beginners

  7. Color in the entire sketch.

    It is customary to paint pomegranate in burgundy color. You can be guided by the color palette that we have indicated in this manual. Use bright reds, burgundy, yellows. You can add some white and black elements.How to Draw Pomegranate

Done! You have reached the very last step and coped with a difficult task. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and were able to learn new drawing techniques.

Be sure to share your work with your loved ones and add a new sketch to your portfolio. We would be glad to present you with many of our other drawing guides that you can study at any time and learn something new. We wish you every success!

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