How to Draw a PlayStation 5

In this drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a PlayStation 5. Start the drawing process by scrolling down below and start watching the steps and instructions.

How to Draw PlayStation 5
How to Draw PlayStation 5 Step by Step

In this drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a PlayStation 5. This step-by-step instruction will easily and in detail tell you how to sketch this popular game console, which was released by Sony in 2020. PS5, unlike the previous fourth version, received a completely new design, which is very different in size and appearance.

The PS4 in the classic color looked like a small rectangular box in black, and the PS5 began to look much more modern and took on a more cosmic style. But as Sony’s designers say, this is not the last and only color scheme for the game console. Game consoles PS5 in the future will be of different variations and in different colors. Write in the comments below this tutorial, what color of this cool game console would you like for yourself?

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw a PlayStation 5

  1. Console body outline.

    First, sketch out the basic guidelines for the game console body.Sketch PlayStation

  2. Curved line.

    Now sketch out the side curved line of the PS5.PlayStation Drawing Step 2

  3. Second side.

    Now draw a parallel section.PlayStation Drawing Step 3

  4. The volume of the subject.

    Now draw the details on the left side of your PS5 drawing. In the example, you can see how the volume of the sketch is created.PlayStation Drawing Step 4

  5. Second side panel.

    Now detail the second side panel of the console.PlayStation Drawing Step 5

  6. Draw the middle.

    Now sketch out the middle part of the game console along with all the details. In this case, the parts are the airblower of the PS5 console, through which air passes into the device for cooling it.How to Draw a Sony PlayStation 5 Step 6

  7. Connection ports

    Draw the connector ports on the front of your PS5 drawing. There is a USB port, Type C port, floppy drive connector, etc.How to Draw a Sony PlayStation 5 Step 7

  8. Sketch the stand.

    Now draw the rounded bottom stand on which the PS5 console stands upright.PS5 Controller Drawing

  9. Controller guidance lines.

    Now you need to sketch a controller from PS5 next to the console itself, which is called DualSense. To do this, the first sketch out a rectangular shape, following the example from step.How to Draw a PS5 Controller

  10. Controller shape.

    Now shape the sides of the controller.How to Draw a Playstation Controller

  11. Bottom part.

    Now draw the lower part of the controller, and, accordingly, the handles that hold the controller with your hands.DualSense Drawing

  12. Draw the top buttons.

    Draw L1 and R1 buttons that are on top of the controller.Sony PlayStation 5 Controller Drawing

  13. Design lines.

    Now erase the guidelines and draw design lines on the controller. By doing this, you will select the middle part in the sketch, which is the DualSense touchpad.How to Draw a PlayStation 5 Controller

  14. Lines of direction buttons.

    Draw cross-shaped guidelines for the sketching of the direction buttons.How to Draw a DualSense

  15. Sketch the buttons.

    Now sketch out the guide buttons in the shape you want.PlayStation 5 Controller Drawing

  16. Draw parallel buttons.

    Now draw round buttons parallel to the previous buttons.PlayStation 5 Drawing

  17. Draw the sticks.

    Now draw the circular sticks for the controller.Sony PlayStation 5 Drawing

  18. Align all sketch lines.

    Now line up all your pencil sketch lines and also erase any excess.How to Draw a PS5

  19. Trace the sketch.

    Trace the sketch with ink, marker or a thin brush and black paint.How to Draw a Sony PlayStation 5

  20. Color PS5.

    Color your Playstation 5 artwork. Customize your art if you want to customize or design your PlayStation 5 artwork.How to Draw a PlayStation 5

We hope you found this PlayStation 5 drawing tutorial interesting and useful. In this tutorial, we used various drawing techniques and techniques to create a beautiful and realistic image of the game console.

We’ve also shared some helpful tips on how to use color to create a three-dimensional and fascinating image. Draw other beautiful drawings with us and our guides!

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