How to Draw a Phone for Kids

Learn how to draw a phone for kids: here are easy steps and tips to create a wonderful drawing! This lesson is perfect for kids of all ages and skill levels.

How to Draw a Phone for Beginners
How to Draw a Phone for Kids Step by Step

In this elementary drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a phone for kids. The mobile phone is the thing that has become an indispensable attribute in modern life. People store important data and information on their phones, communicate with people, watch videos and movies, and take photos. This is a very convenient modern device that is always somewhere near its owner and is needed in everyday life.

Drawing a phone is really easy. After all, this everyday device has mostly simple straight lines and no additional complex elements. Be sure to follow our step-by-step instructions when sketching your phone, and you will be able to sketch a cool drawing.

The presented instructions for drawing a phone will help you sketch this device quickly and very beautifully. An artist with any drawing skills can draw a phone.

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw a Phone for Kids

  1. Shape of the phone.

    At the very beginning, draw the large vertical rectangle for the shape of the phone.Easy Drawing Phone

  2. Draw the screen.

    Almost all over the perimeter from the inside, draw a rectangle that is the phone screen.Phone Drawing Tutorial Easy

  3. Details of the phone.

    Sketch three buttons on the phone below the display. In the center from above, draw the phone speaker. Draw the circle on the phone screen.How to Draw a Phone Simple

  4. Draw the phone symbol.

    Inside the drawn circle, depict the phone image to show the call on the phone.How to Draw a Phone Easy

  5. Color the phone.

    Phones are different colors. You can choose any color to shade the phone. We have chosen for artwork gray body and blue screen color.How to Draw a Phone for Kids

The cartoon phone drawing is ready! So it turned out a new cool sketching composition. Congratulations! We hope that it was interesting and informative for you. If you like it, then share with your friends with this step-by-step instruction.

We recommend to check with other instructions and draw a lot of new sketches. We will be glad to see you again!

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