How to Draw a Pencil for Kids

In this guide, you will learn how to draw a pencil, easy enough even for kids. Draw this beautiful drawing tool with us!

How to Draw a Pencil for Kids
How to Draw a Pencil Step by Step

Hello, everyone! On our site, there are many lessons for drawing objects, characters, or animals. These lessons help develop pencil drawing skills as aspiring artists practice their skills by drawing what they like. In this simple instruction, you will learn how to draw a pencil for kids.

Sketch a colored pencil in a classic look! It is quite simple to sketch this object, with our instructions even an inexperienced artist can do it. The pencil has straight, straight lines, so you don’t have to draw complex geometric shapes.

The instruction consists of 5 consecutive, clear steps that you need to follow in order to draw a pencil. Enjoy drawing!

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Pencil for Kids

  1. Draw the tip.

    Draw a graphite pencil tip as shown.Pencil Drawing Tutorial

  2. Draw the wooden collar.

    From both sides of the pencil tip, extend two parallel lines to shape the wood of the pencil. After that, draw the bottom part using a curved line.How to Draw a Pencil Easy for Kids

  3. Draw the body.

    Draw the sides of the pencil body with two straight vertical lines. Connect these lines from below using a curved line.How to Draw a Pencil Easy

  4. Detail the sketch.

    Detail the body of the pencil by adding lines as shown.How to Draw an Easy Pencil

  5. Color your artwork.

    We colored our pencil drawing red, but you can use other colors for your drawing.
    How to Draw a Pencil

Your pencil drawing is ready! We suggest you try to draw a book. Draw with our drawing lessons to become even better at drawing.

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