How to Draw a Pen for Kids

Learn how to draw a pen for kids using our easy instructions. Scrolling below, you will see a step-by-step collage and detailed steps of this drawing.

How to Draw a Pen for Kids
How to Draw a Pen Step by Step

Hi everyone! In this drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw a pen for kids. The pen was invented relatively recently. Since then, people have mainly used ink-soaked pens. After the invention of the pen, writing became easier. There are a huge number of types of pens: ballpoint, helium, transparent, washable. There are also automatic pens, just in this lesson such a ballpoint pen will be considered. Even a beginner can draw a pen, as there will be step-by-step instructions and a detailed description of each step.

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Pen for Kids

  1. Draw the body.

    The body contains the entire mechanism, it takes up most of the drawing. To do this, draw a rectangular shape, but one of the sides tapered slightly.
    Drawing Pen

  2. Draw the button.

    The button has the form of a rectangle, which is located at the end of the body and serves so that when pressed, the tip of the rod comes out.
    How to Draw a Simple Pen

  3. Detail the sketch.

    Draw the cut of the handle body with a line slightly closer to the button section.How to Draw an Easy Pen

  4. Add the clip.

    The clip is also a rectangle that sits on the side of the case.
    How to Draw a Cartoon Pen

  5. Draw ballpoint tip.

    At the end of the pen’s body, draw an isosceles triangle.
    Pen How to Draw

  6. Color the drawing.

    Your sketch is ready, and now you can start to complete the drawing. Trace the outlines using a fountain pen, and then color your drawing with crayons or colored pencils.
    How to Draw a Pen

Your lovely pen drawing is complete, and now you can move on to other tasks! We hope that the lesson was useful for you, and you look at other drawing lessons for kids.

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