How to Draw a Peacock

Try to draw this amazingly beautiful bird using our drawing lesson. Below, you will see a step by step collage of how to draw a peacock easily and quickly.

How to Draw a Peacock
How to Draw a Peacock Step by Step

Glad to see you! Here, you will learn how to draw a peacock—one of the most beautiful and amazing birds on planet Earth. How to sketch a peacock? Just carefully read our instructions! What is characteristic of this representative of birds? As a rule, this is a fairly large bird with a small head with a noticeable crest, a long neck and the most popular feathered tail, which we admire in photographs or in life.

The peacock also symbolizes nobility and grace. His movements seem very graceful and fluid, as if he is dancing to the music. Some people even believe that the peacock has a special spiritual meaning and can help us find inner harmony.

Watching a peacock, we can enjoy its beauty and see how important it is to maintain our individuality and uniqueness. Peacock teaches us that each of us can be beautiful and graceful if we believe in ourselves and develop our talents.

Thus, the peacock is not only a beautiful bird, but also a symbol of nobility, grace, and individuality. By watching this amazing bird, we can learn to appreciate the beauty of the world and be inspired by its uniqueness.

Drawing a peacock is an interesting and exciting process. Let’s get started right now!

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Peacock

  1. Draw the head.

    Begin by drawing two circles—this is the shape of the peacock’s head and eye.Peacock Drawing

  2. Head details.

    The shape of the head is drawn, and now you need to start detailing the head. Draw the bird’s crest in three parts, also draw the pupil, eyelashes, and beak.Peacock Drawing Tutorial

  3. Draw the body.

    From under the peacock’s head, extend two lines as in the example, then draw the bird’s body as shown. Draw feathers on the bird’s chest.Peacock Body Drawing

  4. Add limbs.

    In this step, you need to draw a huge peacock tail and wing. How to Draw a Peacock Feather

  5. Tail pattern.

    The tail of peacocks imitates a huge number of eyes, which in theory can frighten animals that can somehow threaten the life of a peacock. You need to draw circles on each peacock feather like in the example.Peacock Feather Drawing

  6. Detail the tail.

    Now you need to add more detail to the peacock’s feathered tail. Just follow the example and repeat these details.Peacock How to Draw Feather

  7. Add the thighs.

    Draw the bird’s thighs as two curved, rounded shapes.Peacock How to Draw Easy

  8. Add feet.

    Draw the legs of the peacock with detailed feet and toes.How to Draw a Peacock Easy

  9. Color the peacock.

    Now it’s time to color your bird artwork, and before you start this process, you can trace the outlines of the pencil sketch using a fountain pen or marker.
    Peacock How to Draw

Your beautiful drawing of this graceful bird is ready! We hope that the lesson was very useful for you, and you can continue to draw other cartoon animals with even more interest. Below you will see other drawing lessons that we suggest you try to draw.

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