How to Draw a Paper Bag

Learn how to draw a paper bag step by step with this super easy drawing tutorial for kids and beginners.

How to Draw a Paper Bag
How to draw a paper bag - step by step drawing lesson

To learn how to write, you need to learn letters. To learn to draw, you must learn to hold a pencil in your hand. This is the only formula for success in any endeavor. That is why our team teaches to draw basic things, but it is the small steps that combine to give great results. For example, how to draw a paper bag, a rose, etc.

It would seem like drawing a paper bag, what’s so difficult about this tutorial? This lesson is relatively straightforward, but it contains the basic skills.

An important skill in any drawing is the ability to maintain proportions, and it is also important to draw straight lines by hand and feel the pencil. This is what we are going to do now. Take a pen or pencil in hand and proceed with the step-by-step instructions on How to Draw a Paper Bag. You will succeed!

Time needed: 15 minutes.

How to Draw a Paper Bag

  1. Draw the outline (borders).

    About the middle of the sheet, you need to draw lines that are the outline of the bag. We recommend doing everything by hand, without using a ruler, so that your hands get used to straight lines.Draw a Paper Bag

  2. Draw the top border.

    You need to draw two horizontal lines that indicate the top border of the paper bag. To make the drawing look more symmetrical, the lines can be made parallel to each other.Drawing Paper Bag

  3. Connect the lines.

    As soon as we connect the lines drawn earlier, we will have a volume, which already gives the drawing a look.Learn how to draw a paper bag

  4. Draw handles.

    Without what the paper bag doesn’t make sense? Without handles, of course, so don’t forget about such an important element. It is necessary to draw a volumetric U-shaped arc on the front side, and two circles of arbitrary size from the inside on the opposite side.How to draw a paper bag for kids

  5. Remove unnecessary items.

    Erase unnecessary lines from the paper bag drawing and outline the outline with a darker pencil or pen.Paper bag drawing tutorial

  6. Color the drawing paper bag.

    We have finished with the main part, and now we will move on to the dessert, for this we need colored pencils and felt-tip pens. For a three-dimensional drawing, it is necessary to use brown, dark and light shades. Use our finished drawing as a reference.How-to-Draw-a-Paper-Bag

This concludes our lesson and I am sure that you have succeeded! Did you like the lesson? Then share with your friends on social networks.

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