How to Draw a Panther Face

Here you will learn how to draw a panther face step by step and easy even for children and everyone who holds a drawing pencil in their hand for the first time.

How to Draw a Panther Head
How to Draw a Panther Face Head Step by Step

In this drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a panther face. Black panthers are very beautiful animals, with special grace and unusual black fur. In our guide, you will see a step-by-step drawing in which you will learn how to sketch the head of this beautiful predatory animal. If you want to draw elementary drawings of animals, try visiting our site’s section, which has really easy tutorials for kids and beginners.

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw a Panther Face

  1. Head contour.

    First sketch out the circular shape of the head.Panther Head Drawing Step 1

  2. Guiding lines of the face.

    Now sketch out the guidelines for the panther’s face to more clearly and correctly draw the parts of the predator’s face.Panther Head Sketch Step 2

  3. Eyes.

    Draw the outlines of the panther’s eyes.How to Draw a Panther Head Step 3

  4. The mouth of a panther.

    Draw the upper part of the panther’s mouth.How to Draw a Panther Head Step 4

  5. Draw the nose.

    Now sketch out the nose.How to Draw a Panther Head Step 5

  6. Draw the teeth of the panther.

    Draw the center teeth of the panther first, and then draw two large canines on the sides.How to Draw a Panther Face Step 6

  7. Draw the jaw.

    Now sketch out the lower part of the panther’s face. In our art, this predator will have an open mouth.How to Draw a Panther Face for beginners

  8. Sketch the bottom teeth.

    Draw now the bottom sharp teeth of the black panther.Black Panther Sketching

  9. Sketch the details of the face.

    Erase all unnecessary guidelines from the panther’s face and sketch out all the folds that have formed on the animal’s face due to the open mouth. Also, draw the tongue of the panther.How to Draw Panther Animals

  10. Draw the ears of the panther.

    Draw the pointed ears of the panther.Panther Head Drawing

  11. Detail the head.

    The contours of the ears have already been drawn, and now you need to detail the panther’s ears and make them more realistic. And don’t forget to erase the guidelines.How to Sketch a Panther Face

  12. Draw the pupils.

    Moving on to detailing the panther’s eyes, and for this, you need to draw pupils.Panther Face Drawing Tutorial

  13. Trace your sketch.

    And now the process that will make your artwork more clear and detailed is tracing with a marker, ink, or a thin brush with paint.How to Draw Panther Face

  14. Color the black panther.

    Now color your beautiful black panther drawing. You can paint the panther’s eyes either bright green or yellow.How to draw a panther face

Your cool drawing is ready! It is important to take into account the features of the anatomy and shape of the head, as well as use light and shadows to create volume. Do not forget to experiment and practice to develop your skills and reach new heights in the art of drawing. Be patient and persistent, and you will definitely succeed in this wonderful art!

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