How to Draw a Mushroom for Kids

In this drawing lesson for kids, you will be able to learn how to draw a mushroom. This is an easy and understandable drawing lesson for artists of any level of drawing.

How to Draw a Mushroom for Kids
How to Draw a Mushroom Step by Step

Hello everyone! In this drawing guide, you will learn how to draw a mushroom for kids step by step. With the mushroom sketching instruction, you will not only learn to sketch, but you will also learn something new about nature.

Mushrooms are living organisms consisting of a stem and a cap. Mushrooms come in many types and fall into several categories. The main thing is to understand that mushrooms are not only edible but also harmful and dangerous for humans, which cannot be eaten. We have prepared a sketch of a mushroom in a classic form, which will be very easy to draw. Thanks to simple instructions, anyone can draw a mushroom, regardless of skill. Let’s start!

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Mushroom for Kids

  1. Start with the grass.

    First, draw the straight line. And then draw the texture of the grass in a zigzag line.
    Mushroom Drawing Step 1

  2. Draw the stem of the mushroom.

    Draw the stem of the mushroom convex, tapering upward.
    Mushroom Drawing Step 2

  3. Draw the basic outline of the cap.

    Draw the large mushroom head. To do this, make the upper part convex, and the lower one smoother and wider. Decorate the cap as shown in the instructions.
    Mushroom Drawing Step 3

  4. Bottom of the cap.

    At this stage, you need to draw a rounded outline of the lower part of the cap, which separates the upper part of the cap and the gills.
    How to Draw a Simple Mushroom

  5. Gills lines.

    Sketch some straight lines to represent the gills of the mushroom.
    How to Draw a Easy Mushroom

  6. Color the artwork.

    Paint the top of the cap brown, and paint the inner gills and stem beige. Color the grass under the mushroom green.
    Drawing a Mushroom

Thanks for painting with us! We hope that our drawing lessons help you create great pictures.

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