How to Draw a Mummy for Kids

Learn how to draw a Mummy for kids step by step with this elementary drawing tutorial for schoolers and preschoolers.

How to Draw a Mummy for Kids
How to Draw a Mummy Step by Step

Hey! In this lesson, we will learn how to draw a mummy for kids. The mummy drawing tutorial is suitable for all fantasy and adventure young artists. At first glance, this may seem like a time-consuming task. But for the drawing to work, you need to follow 9 simple steps.

A mummy is the preserved body of a person or animal that has undergone chemical treatment to slow down the decomposition process. The most famous of those found in the mummy of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. The mummy is associated with a person wrapped in Beatles or scraps of cloth, so we will take this into account when drawing a mummy.

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw a Mummy for Kids

  1. Draw the head.

    The head must be drawn in an oval shape.
    How to Draw a Cute Mummy

  2. Add eyes.

    Next, you need to draw an open area for the eyes. To do this, draw 2 parallel lines in the middle of the head. Now we need to draw round eyes with black pupils.
    How to Draw a Mummy Head

  3. Draw the wrappings on the head.

    Draw curved lines across the face that point in different directions.How to Draw a Mummy Face

  4. Draw the body.

    Draw an elongated outline of the body.
    Mummy How to Draw

  5. Detail the body.

    Continue drawing the wrappers on the mummy’s body using curved lines.
    How to Draw a Simple Mummy

  6. Draw the arms.

    Draw the arms as shown in the example instruction. Note that one arm is slightly bent.
    How to Draw an Easy Mummy

  7. Detail the arms with a wrappings.

    On the surface of the arms, we also rewind with simple lines.
    How to Draw a Cute Mummy

  8. Draw the legs.

    Draw the legs in the form of narrow elongated ovals, to which you need to add wrappers.
    How to Draw a Cartoon Mummy

  9. Color your drawing.

    How to Draw a Mummy

We hope that this was a useful and informative lesson for you. Be sure to show your new drawing to friends and family. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with other drawing lessons for kids.

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