How to Draw a Minivan Step by Step

Learn how to draw a minivan step by step with this elementary drawing tutorial. Learning to draw a minivan can be easy if you do it by studying our drawing lesson!

How to Draw a Minivan Car
How to Draw a Minivan Step by Step

In this simple drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a minivan step by step. Sketching a minivan is going to be pretty easy for a beginner, as there are no complex lines in it. If you want to make it harder for yourself, then try not to use a compass and a ruler—this will be an excellent exercise for your eye and drawing skills.

The very first attempt to create a semblance of a minivan was back in the middle of the twentieth century. This was necessary to improve the efficiency and capacity of conventional passenger cars. Do you like minivans? Write your opinion about this car classification in the comments!

Enjoy your car drawing!

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw a Minivan Step by Step

  1. Draw the top line.

    Since the drawing is very simple, you need to start by sketching the top of the car with one curved line. In the example, you can see how it should look.How to Drawing Minivan Car

  2. Draw the entire outline of the car.

    Now sketch out the bottom of the car, along with the semicircles, which are the arches of the car wheels.Drawing Guide Minivan Car

  3. Wheels, headlights, and the bottom of the minivan.

    The wheels should turn out symmetrical to each other, if you can’t draw them by hand—use a compass or circle something round in the desired size. But we recommend trying to paint by hand to pump your drawing skills.How to Sketch Minivan Car

  4. Add car details.

    Try to sketch everything evenly and proportionally. In many variations of the minivan, and not only there is an upper rack, but it is also needed to increase the volume of the trunk.Minivan Car Drawing

  5. Draw the car windows.

    This type of car usually has a large window format, since the car itself is not small. Draw all the windows and try to keep the proportions of the body and windows of the car.Minivan Drawing Tutorial

  6. Trace the sketch of the car.

    Use a marker, ink, or paint to trace the outline of your drawing.How to Draw a Minivan Easy

  7. Color your car drawing.

    Color the car any color you like. For coloring, you can use coloring pencils, felt-tip pens, or paint.How to Draw a Minivan

This lesson has come to an end! We hope you learned how to sketch a minivan using this step-by-step tutorial. If you received positive emotions from this guide, then leave your result on social networks, and also share it with your friends, we will be very pleased!

We wish you a good mood and see you soon!

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