How to Draw a Minion

In this step by step and easy drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a minion. Try to depict this popular character following the steps in this guide.

Minion Drawing Tutorial
How to Draw a Minion Step by Step

The Minions are popular characters from the movie “Despicable Me”. They are the main helpers of the protagonist Gru and have become famous for their adorable appearance and humorous behavior. In this easy drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a Minion, which is quite simple even for beginners.

Minions are small, yellow creatures with round bodies, big eyes, and small limbs. They wear denim overalls, black gloves and shoes, and have a black belt with a yellow buckle. They have one or two locks of black hair on their heads, which can come in various shapes—straight or curly. Furthermore, they are also known for their bright and curious cases, which sometimes lead them into funny and silly situations. Minions have their own language called Minionese, which consists of different sounds and expressions that create their distinctive communication style.

Now that we have learned some facts about Minions, let’s start our drawing lesson and create our own funny artwork with these wonderful characters. Scroll down below to begin the drawing process with detailed steps. Let’s get started!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Minion Step by Step

  1. Outline the body.

    Begin by drawing the basic shape of the Minion’s body. Draw the head in the form of a semi-oval, and make the lower part of the body more rounded and wider than the head.Minion Outline Drawing

  2. Add the glasses.

    Using circular shapes, draw the Minion’s glasses as shown in the example.How to Draw an Easy Minion

  3. Draw the straps.

    Now, on the right and left side of the glasses, you need to draw the straps using straight lines. Then, detail the inner part of the goggles by adding the Minion’s eyelid line.How to Draw a Cartoon Minion

  4. Add the parts of the head.

    Detail the Minion’s head by adding two curved hairs on top, then draw the smiling mouth and round pupils.Easy Minion Drawing

  5. Draw the overalls.

    Separate the Minion’s head and clothing using a curved line as shown in the example, then draw the Minion’s chest pocket.Cartoon Minion Drawing

  6. Add the details.

    Detail the Minion’s overalls by adding fasteners as shown in the step example, and also draw the character’s hands.Minion Easy Drawing

  7. Draw the pockets.

    First, draw the pockets using curved lines, then draw the upper part of the overalls using straight lines as shown in the step.How to Draw Easy Minion

  8. Draw the legs.

    Finish drawing the Minion by adding legs below the body. First, draw the trousers using straight lines, then add the boots.Step by Step Minion Drawing

  9. Color the Minion.

    Using a marker, trace the contours of your drawing, then color the Minion using a yellow marker or colored pencils. Color the rest of the clothing details as shown.Minion Drawing

Congratulations! You have successfully completed our Minion drawing lesson. Now you have a beautiful and funny picture of this popular cartoon character. I hope you enjoyed creating your own version of Minion and using the steps and directions to achieve the desired result.

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