How to Draw a Minion for Kids

Below, you will learn how to draw a minion for kids in easy step-by-step instructions. Practice drawing with us!

How to Draw a Minion for Kids
How to Draw Minion Step by Step

Hi and welcome! In this instruction, you will learn how to draw a Minion for kids. Minions are one of the most recognizable cartoon characters that have captured the hearts of viewers around the world.

The image of the Minion became popular after the release of the cartoon “Despicable Me” in 2010. Minions are usually dressed in blue jumpsuits and goggles. Minions are very funny characters that are similar to each other in body shapes and sizes, but they all differ in their individual abilities. The main differences between these cartoons are the number of eyes, hair type, eye size, clothing and even height.

Drawing these cartoons is very simple, but if you do it using the instructions below. We hope this guide will help you sketch your idea.

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Minion for Kids

  1. Draw the body.

    First, you need to draw a rounded rectangle.
    Sketching Minion

  2. Add eyes.

    Two small circles in the upper part of the body, inside which sketch small circles—the pupils. The pupils are best drawn in the center of the eye socket so that the gaze is straight.
    Draw Minion

  3. Draw the glasses.

    First, draw large circles around the eyes so that you get an 8 shape, then draw the straps on both sides.Minion Easy Drawing

  4. Draw the smile and hairs.

    Depict an arc-shaped smile under the glasses. To draw the hair, draw small rounded stripes from the top of the minion’s head.
    How to Draw a Minion Face

  5. Draw the line for the clothes and the pocket.

    Under the minion’s smile, draw a curved line, and just below, draw a pocket as shown in the instructions.
    How do You Draw a Minion

  6. Draw the shoulder straps.

    To do this, draw semicircular lines to outline the outline of the workwear. After that, you need to draw the strips of the straps.
    How to Draw a Cute Minion

  7. Draw the arms.

    To do this, draw small rectangles extending from under the straps.
    Minion How to Draw

  8. Draw palms.

    The Minion has only 3 fingers, so drawing the palms is not so difficult.
    How to Draw a Simple Minion

  9. Draw the legs.

    The legs will be in the shape of two adjacent rectangles.
    How to Draw an Easy Minion

  10. Draw the feet.

    The feet should look like small ovals pointing in opposite directions.
    How to Draw a Cartoon Minion

  11. Color the drawing.

    Color your minion yellow and your clothes blue denim.
    How to Draw a Minion

We hope that this simple instruction helped you sketch this cute character. If you need more different drawing ideas, then use the search function in the site bar. Draw with us and be proud of your artworks.

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