How to Draw a Mandarin for Kids

Learn how to draw mandarin orange using our drawing tutorial for beginners and kids. Start a draw with our guides for all!

How to Draw a Mandarin for Kids
How to Draw a Mandarin Step by Step

Hello and welcome to the drawing lesson on how to draw a mandarin. Drawing a tangerine is not difficult at all. This fruit is composed of simple geometric shapes and rounded shapes. In the process of drawing, you should be guided by this instruction to make the drawing as beautiful as possible.

Mandarin is the fruit of a small citrus tree of the same name. Under the skin, the fruit is made up of several pieces of fruit that can be eaten. This fruit has a sour taste and looks like a small orange. Mandarin extract is also used in various cosmetics and essential oils. The instructions below will tell you how to accurately depict a mandarin pattern.

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Mandarin

  1. Draw the outline of the mandarin.

    First, draw a large circle to indicate the base of the future tangerine.
    Sketching Mandarin

  2. Add mandarin wedges.

    Next to the drawn tangerine, draw three wedges in the form of an imprecise crescent moon. Follow the instructions as you draw.
    Mandarin Drawing Tutorial

  3. Detail the drawing.

    Draw a peduncle at the top of the round mandarin. Also, detail the tangerine wedges with lines.
    Mandarin Easy Drawing

  4. Add leaves.

    Draw two oblong oval leaves next to the tangerine. Don’t forget to add a dividing line in the middle of the sheet.
    Mandarin How to Draw

  5. Trace the sketch.

    Before coloring in, outline the outline of the sketch using an ink pen or marker.
    How to Draw a Simple Mandarin

  6. Color the drawing.

    The standard tangerine color is orange. Therefore, you should paint the main part of the tangerine and the inner slices in orange in different shades. The leaves must be painted green.
    How to Draw an Easy Mandarin

That’s it! We hope you enjoyed drawing mandarin and this tutorial was useful. Be sure to share your work with friends and family on social media. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with our other instructions for drawing various elements. We wish you continued success in your drawing!

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