How to Draw a Lotus

Would you like to learn how to draw a lotus? We hope we can help you! You just need to start the drawing process by diving into this easy step by step flower drawing tutorial.

Lotus Flower Drawing Tutorial
How to Draw a Lotus Step by Step

Welcome to the lotus drawing lesson—a magnificent flower with unique beauty. In this lesson, we will go over the basic steps and techniques that will help you create an amazing image of this aquatic lotus flower. Scroll below to see instructions and learn how to draw a lotus flower.

During this lesson, I encourage you not only to learn the techniques of drawing a lotus, but also to discover its symbolic meaning. Immerse yourself in the world of tranquility and harmony that the lotus represents, and allow your creative nature to unfold!

So grab your brushes, pencils, or markers and join us in this exciting lotus drawing lesson. Let your imagination run wild, experiment with different materials and styles, and you will see how your skill in drawing flowers and plants will only grow and improve.

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Lotus Flower

  1. Start drawing.

    To begin drawing the flower and understand where to draw from, you need to draw the first lotus petal at the top of the sheet. Draw the petal in a droplet shape.Easy to Draw Lotus Flower

  2. Draw the second petal.

    Add the second petal to the left of the first one, which visually should be slightly larger. Also add curved lines for the folds of the petals.Lotus Drawing for Beginners

  3. Add the back petals.

    Continuing to add petals, now draw three more large petals for the lotus.How to Draw an Easy Lotus

  4. Detail the flower.

    Finish drawing the top part of the lotus by adding a few more barely visible petals to the flower.Step by Step Lotus Drawing

  5. Draw the stem.

    Extend two curved parallel lines from the center of the bottom part of the bud.Lotus Drawing for Kids

  6. Add lily pads.

    To detail your drawing, begin drawing the surroundings of the lotus by adding two lily pads below it.Lotus Drawing Easy

  7. Add the water. 

    Now draw water around the flower to make the cartoon lotus flower drawing a more complete look.Lotus Flower Drawing

  8. Color the drawing. 

    Using shades of green, color the stem and lily pads, then color the lotus bud using shades of red and pink.How to Draw a Lotus Flower

You have successfully learned how to draw a beautiful lotus flower and lily pads. By following the step-by-step instructions, you were able to create a stunning representation of these delicate and enchanting plants. Remember to take your time and pay attention to the details, as they are what bring your drawing to life.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Keep honing your drawing skills and exploring different techniques to further enhance your artistic abilities. With dedication and passion, you will continue to create breathtaking artwork. Well done on completing this lotus flower and lily pad drawing lesson!

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