How to Draw a Landscape

In this step-by-step drawing tutorial you will learn how to draw a landscape. Landscapes are difficult to draw, but we’ll show you how to create a great landscape in a very simple cartoon style.

How to Draw an Easy Landscape
How to Draw a Landscape Step by Step

We know that drawing landscapes is a big job that needs to be taken into account in every detail. Start drawing landscapes with this drawing tutorial if you are a beginner. Learn how to draw a cartoon landscape with mountains in the background.

In addition to such a landscape, you can draw many others, such as landscapes with a sea view, with a view of cornfields, or with many mountains, and even landscapes of cities.

Imagine majestic mountains stretching out in front of you for miles. Their hilly high peaks are covered with a snow-white head. Imagine a windmill, beautiful foliage of trees, a green lawn and flowers—this is what you have to draw with us!

Nature is an amazing thing, and by painting landscapes, we can convey its splendor on paper. Drawing landscapes with nature, you can plunge into the world of beauty and natural aesthetics.

Below in the collage you can see what drawing steps await you in this tutorial. You will start by sketching the windmill, then add a hilly valley, mountains, trees, flowers, and it will be a great landscape art project. Well, let’s start the drawing process, shall we?

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Landscape

  1. Prepare the base.

    Begin by drawing the basic inner lines of the windmill blades.Easy Drawing Landscape

  2. Draw the wings.

    Using straight lines draw four windmill wings.Easy Landscape Drawing

  3. Draw the roof.

    Using the example from the step, outline the roof of the windmill.Mill Drawing Landscape

  4. Add walls.

    Now draw lines under the roof to form the walls of the windmill.How to Draw a Mill

  5. Draw the hills.

    Use curved smooth lines to draw the hills for your landscape.Easy Landscape to Draw

  6. Add bushes and the cloud.

    Following the example from the step, draw a small cloud and bushes behind the windmill.How to Draw Landscapes

  7. Draw the mountain range.

    Complement your landscape by starting to draw mountains. For this, use straight lines for pointed peaks, and for snow, use smooth wavy lines.How to Draw a Mountain Landscape

  8. Draw the road.

    You need to use four lines to draw the road leading to the mountains.Landscape Drawings

  9. Add flowers.

    Draw meadow flowers as shown in the example.How to Draw a Cartoon Background

  10. Color your great looking landscape.

    It’s time to add color to the drawing. Color the bushes and meadows using shades of green, color the path and the windmill beige, and you can color the mountains purple or blue.How to Draw a Landscape

Congratulations on completing your beautiful landscape drawing! We hope you enjoyed this drawing lesson. In the future, you may need the skills that you received when drawing this landscape!

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