How to Draw a Jeep for Kids

Draw a jeep easily with our drawing lesson on how to draw a jeep for kids. Below, you will see a detailed step-by-step collage and drawing instructions.

How to Draw an Easy Jeep
How to Draw a Jeep Step by Step

Hello everyone! This simple step-by-step instruction will tell you how to draw a jeep for kids. A jeep is a car with a high cross-country ability in various road conditions, an off-road vehicle of the well-known Jeep brand. The design of the Jeep belongs to the American manufacturer and engineer Arthur Herrington. He conducted various experiments with trucks in conjunction with one of the companies. So, after many experiments, a Jeep was born.

However, the Jeep brand does not stand still and is constantly evolving, adding new items to the produced cars. For example, in January 2018, the so-called Jeep Cherokee was released: some technical features of the car were added, the list of options expanded, and the design itself changed noticeably. Drawing a Jeep is a fun activity that will appeal to both kids and adults. Let’s start!

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Jeep for Kids

  1. Draw the wheels.

    Begin by drawing the shapes of the wheels. The two large circles representing the wheels should be positioned at a certain distance from each other. Please note: the wheels of the jeep must be of the same shape.How to Make Jeep Drawing

  2. Draw the rims.

    Now draw simple round rims of the car that visually follow the shape of the wheels. Draw dots in the center of the rims to indicate the center of the car rims.How to Draw a Simple Jeep

  3. Draw the frame of the jeep.

    Draw the frame of the car using straight lines that connect at the corners. The central part of the frame should be lower since in this part the passenger of the car climbs like a ladder to get into the passenger compartment.How to Draw a Military Jeep

  4. Shape the car body.

    The body of the jeep resembles a large staircase. Draw a broken line: first, draw the “small” step (small line), and then draw the larger part as a long line. Complete the process on the back of the Jeep.Jeep Car Drawing

  5. Add windows.

    Draw the windows with two rectangular shapes. Note that the window near the driver is a rectangle with a noticeable oblique sideline.Jeep Easy Drawing

  6. Add details.

    Now you need to complete the drawing of the car by adding important body details. You can start at the front of the car by drawing the headlight using a curved line, then sketch the handle of the car and the spare wheel on the Jeep’s trunk.How to Draw a Jeep Easy

  7. Color your Jeep drawing.

    We’ve shaded our drawing in green, you can color in the same way or use a different color.
    How to Draw a Jeep

Your beautiful Jeep drawing is ready, and you can start drawing something else. We hope that you will not stop there and continue to develop your drawing skills.

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